Das Boot

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by lsadirty, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Was sitting down in a alcohol-induced stupor, flicking around the channels last night, and found "DAS BOOT" on BBC 2, which meant I went to bed very late. Can anyone give me a better WWII film than this ? ( I read the book between Glasgow and Guzz in the 70s, and haven't come across one to beat it). Would be grateful for a second opinion on this.
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Watched it AGAIN also last night,,,,,great movie!!!!!!!
  3. A very dear friend bought me a copy of the film on DVD and it is now central to my war film collection. The original televised serial has to be the definitive version, though, as significant editing to fit a feature film was inevitable.

    I still think the best British sea war offering was the Cruel Sea
  4. I remember when it was first aired in the UK, all us wafus would race to the mess to watch it. Brilliant story that kept you interested even feeling sorry for the sundodgers at the end.
  5. I did some homework and found out my uncle was on a ship (Shell tanker Clea) sunk by that exact submarine and on the same patrol, possibly the ship in flames as shown on the film; the film is based on fact and an actual cruise.
    His name is on the monument at Tower Hill and the sad thing is that my mother and his other siblings never knew his real fate.
    A few years ago the captain of the boat was still alive and contributing to a U-boat website.
    Such a terrible waste of youth whichever side you were on.
  6. It was an utterly brilliant series when first aired on BBC TV circa 1984 if memory serves me right.

    I have the film on DVD and still love to watch it every now and again.
  7. Wonderful atmosperic film. Saw it on a big screen on a film night in Pembroke, completely absorbing, forgot they were the opposition.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Liked it so much, I borrowed the old man's picture for an avatar. No I am not a sundodger.
  9. Top film and the guy who played the Engineer was great.
  10. Mrs IDOITDEEPER actually came into the bathroom whilst I was perched upon the throne just to tell me this movie was on the telly. She said I suppose my lucks out tonight. How right she was. This is the best war movie ever made, it even beats "ABOVE US THE WAVES". Must agree with Passed-over-Loggie that the definitive version has to be the original televised TV series.

  11. For info

  12. Unforgettable movie

    the TV adaption was possibly better due to the extra time for the story to be shown on film but they were both very authentic.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. First time I watched Das Böot it was with the old man and me Mum…

    Him OEM on an O Boat, me Engineer Cadet on BP tankers. Him cheering on the U Boat right up to the scene were the U Boat torpedoed the burning tanker.

    That scene made for a distinctly 'arkward' atmosphere in the room, not helped by my Mum throwing him an evil death stare and rather tersely reminding him… "That could be our son jumping into that burning oil".
  14. I think that they make a great double bill as it shows the story from both sides and from a 40s film and the 80s.

    The extended version is best, especially near the beginning when the journo staggers into the Wardroom heads (after that grat psis up scene!) and sees his Co trying to get the Co with the Iron Cross off the floor covered in psis, vomit etc, and then the Iron Cross CO suddenly switches to English and says "I am not in a condition to fcuk!"

  15. the book "iron coffins "by werner is the best submarine book i have ever read/also "sea wolves" would come next best/

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