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Das Boot sunk


The book is superb too. I think that the original 6 hour film/mini series does far more justice than the condensed film.


War Hero
A sad day - Seadog will be unhappy - it's his avatar (not that he's aware of were he got it from! apparantly he's a Pig Iron Polisher - OK I know we need then but that doesn't mean you have to like them!) Actually he's not bad and may get better soon (when he puts away his wheel key)

I suppose I'm now in the poo for slagging - so be it!


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From another site

Its not widely known Bucheim wrote a sequel in which 'herr Kaleunt' was resurrected. Unlike DB it was never translated into English (to the best of my knowledge) which is weird. Would have been a big moneyspinner.

PS Take a look at the creepy film 'Below' this tuesday. Set on an American submarine but with a British cast. Its a good story - with a few historical liberties taken. What it loses in authenticity it gains in atmosphere. Much better than 'Ghost Boat'


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I believe that 'Das Boot' should be an instructional film for all modern bubbleheads so they can see how it should be done/was done! You could nearly smell the diesel (Oh sorry, that was me shirt, living on a boat at the time - not I might add an unterseeboot - smelt more like a seaboot!)


charlieoppo said:
The book is superb too. I think that the original 6 hour film/mini series does far more justice than the condensed film.

Agree with you there 100% mate , could practicly smell the atmosphere ,


Crabs in his tache....classic.

U96, the pennant number of the boat is the name of a German band who do a nice rendition of the theme and other tunes with underwater noises, fish being released etc, available on Amazon.
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