Dartmouth with a stutter ?!


First post here so,
Ive looked into becoming a RN Officer probably logistics officer. I've had many leadership roles and always done well. From sports captain to a PO in the CCF navy and im fine dishing orders but struggle with talking to adults. I've had a stutter since I was around 6, comes and goes a lot of the time. I hate being put on the spot but deal with it well the older I get, For example, Last year I was pretty good at talking infront of groups and this year it was worse. If I went on a speech therapy course would this put me in any negative light when joining? I can deal with any banter and chat if it does re-occur now and again. Anyone had any experiance


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I thought that you might like to see this:


If this is something which really worries you, what I think I would suggest for you is that you should get in touch with the ACLO (Area Careers Liaison Officer) at your local AFCO. It may be useful to be able to go in to see him/her to ask about your concerns, but it's best to check with the AFCO when he/she is likely to be there beforehand.

I am wondering whether there is also something to be gained from getting some professional help with your stammer; this might boost your confidence and help you in all areas and not only professionally.


PS I've just seen ATG's post - heed what he says, he's a source of excellent advice.


Thanks for those links the raf reserve article really helped as I had struggled to find any recent information.


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I know several Officers with a stutter. You'll be fine.
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I agree with ATG's advice.
I worked for one officer with a stutter. It never seemed to faze him; if he got stuck, he simply stamped his foot and the right word emerged. He retired as a rear admiral.


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I knew an engineer officer with an involuntary facial twitch.
Last seen in retirement, made Commander from the lower deck.


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Had one engineering officer with a bad stutter, didn't harm his career. Unfortunately his surname was Matthews so was universely known as "Stuttering Stan" :)
I trained and served with a warfare officer in the RN who had a stammer. He later transferred to the RNZN where his last job was in Command of their largest warship.
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