Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayonets

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by soleil, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Dont think they like displaying colours up the river Dart :wink: :wink: That will be a double then. With Ex HMS Cromer/Hindostan not a flag insight :lol:
  2. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Since when have Sea Cadets been classed as 'Military forces'?
  3. Last I heard of anything similar was in the final defence of Berlin in '45...Ye gods have we reached such a situation now :lol:
  4. Thank fudge for that, here I was looking at the article and trying to spot the outrage..

    Moany gits.
  5. You've got to remember that just over 30% of the Royal Navy were all ex Sea Cadets. Especially most Officers. I'm not saying that the unit in question should have been given the right to march through Dartmouth with Colours Flying and Bayonettes fixed, but we do carry out a lot of hard work that the Navy seem to put us down for all the time. It would have been nice to see the SCC granted with such a prestigious award if you like, I know the Liverpool District in North West Area have carried out the Freedom of the City of Liverpool not that long ago, infact they were invited to do so.

    And sometimes we are counted as a Military Force simply because we're funded by the MoD.
  6. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon

    Just out of interest ,why if your avtar is crossed barrels are you called comms ?surly crossed flags or somthing along those lines would be more appropriate
  7. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon

    30%? Fcuk off it's nowhere near that.

    And NO you are NEVER counted as a military force.
  8. The sea cadet unit i belonged to had the freedome of the city bestowed on it back in the early sixties.It is not reserved in the forces just fpr active units who have faoght if the city aor town concerned wants to it can .It i basicaly a permission that is all
  9. Sea Cadets from the Merseyside districts have been granted the freedom of the city of Liverpool in their own right. The honour was bestowed to recognise all the good work the organisation has done in the region over the past years.

  10. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon

    I agree that it doesn't show the SCC officer in a good light creating such a fuss in public, but it's equally true that the 'it's a privilege reserved for fighting units' is something of a myth (as several others have noted, it's certainly not the case in Liverpool, or at a number of commemorative events I've seen and heard of in other places). And at the risk of mischief, you could argue by extension on that basis that there are precious few RN units that should have been granted that privilege at any time after the Falklands (and to make that argument would be truly absurd). Equality of sacrifice has never been the criteria, otherwise the Army would lead off on Remembrance Sunday.

    It also appears that it hasn't always been the case in Dartmouth. It doesn't logically follow, either; you can extend the 'fighting units' argument to whether the SCC should be allowed to wear RN dress etc., and the Navy doesn't permit this out of the goodness of its heart; it does so for footprint and image reasons, which while they may not be relevant in Dartmouth are relevant in the rest of the country.

    The SCC is not in any way a military force, which in turn begs the question why should they even have to ask about parading colours? Fixed bayonets is a different issue, but do the Scouts have to ask to parade their banners? Or any number of other community organisations that march with prominently displayed banners? Do the Boys' Brigade have to do so, for instance? Not taking the piss, genuinely curious - I've never done this, so I simply don't know.

    If it is the case that they are allowed to do so, then it strikes me that there is a certain amount of double standards here. We are all agreed that the SCC is not a military organisation, but a youth club. On that basis, why should they be subject to civil-military regulations with regard to parading colours? You can't have it both ways. I think the fact that the local authority is considering the SCC's request in the light of military precedents really shows up the fact that they themselves don't really understand what the SCC is - a youth club.
  11. OMFG.... that means members of the former ROC can carry bayonets..... God help us!!!! 8O 8O 8O :D
  12. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon


    I have a lot of respect for you guys/gels who make the time to be with and teach these youngsters the art of sailory (if that makes sense :D ) i was an orphanage kid and i spent many a happy hour with an old salt who had a little time for me ( no pervy jokes please :wink: ) this was one of the reasons that i joined the mob and attained the dizzy heights of POGI,well done and keep up the good work and bullocks to em all just march with fixed bayonets and banners, before anybody has a go at me YES i do have respect for those who gave there lives for us and to be honest what harm would it do if these young proud kids had bayonets fixed and banners flying,seriously in this great big ferked up wicked world that we live in what harm would it do,you have all by now probably come to the conclusion that i like sea cadets, :wink:

    Regards Chris
  13. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon

    Hi Chris,

    I'm not involved in the Cadet Forces myself but I have a lot of respect for them because like you I got a lot of personal development out of my time as an air cadet (boo, hiss) and I think it's sad when they get knocked. Sure, there are people in the various organisations who let the side down (and, whilst I wouldn't go that far in this case, I think the officer in question would have done well to wind his neck in and not go running to the press), but like you on balance I think they are a force for good.

    In addition, when I see cadets on parade - especially on Remembrance Sunday - I always think that my family that did serve (MN, RM, Army, all gone now sadly) would have been pleased to see young people paying their respects. There's plenty of irritating walty types to be sure, but it's horses for courses. They are mostly unpaid and it's a lot of graft to run these units. If any kid gets some benefit from the SCC they wouldn't have gotten from somewhere else then fantastic.
  14. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon

    Which is all well and good if you know how to cook them. :D
  15. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon

    What do you think the bayonets are for. The ones we used at school were just long enough to thread a baby sea cadet on and roast gently...... :twisted:

    C'mon Chris, post a piccy of you as a sea cadet. :wink: Luckily NONE of me in a baby sailor suit, with my enormous ears, survive! (sighs with enormous relief)
  16. Re: Dartmouth: Sea Cadets may not parade colours and w/bayon

    thingy old chap,

    I dont have many pics with me here in Noggie land my daughter has them all back in the UK,i am going to visit them all soon so i will dig some good pics out for the boys,these will include a pic of Mr Rumrat kissing a kaitai, :D

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