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Well, i didn't know as an already qualified guy i'd have to go to dartmouth but apparently i do. Fair enough if thats the case but i was just wondering if anyone had any sort of insight into what its like for RFA people. A search on this site brings up a lot of the navy stuff. I'd just like to know some things such as:
  1. how long is it?
  2. What is the curriculum?
  3. What are the days like?
  4. Is there time off?
  5. Is it similar to the navy training done there or is it its own special RFA relevant stuff.
  6. Is it good or bad?
  7. Anything else people would like to add

Meat Duck

I just passed out of Dartmouth in December as a Deck Officer Cadet, the course was really varied in terms of content and personnel - mixed bag of cadets, and 3 Offs - some as lateral entrants from other MN companies, and some ratings moving to Off.

  1. how long is it? 10 weeks
  2. What is the curriculum? The course is a mix of Leadership Development and an introduction to The RFA, most is classroom based, with some practical in the college grounds and the River Dart. The course includes basic navigation, Ship Tech, Strategic Studies, Presentation Skills, Physical Training (1 a week), RFA lectures and Leadership Development.
  3. What are the days like? Breakfast is at 7am with classes normally starting at 8am. The days can vary depending on your time table. Generally the days are supposed to last until 6pm, but we very rarely worked 'till this time. Smoko and lunch breaks as expected
  4. Is there time off? As the RFA we get weekend leave from week 1 (the RN cannot "go ashore" until week 10) As long as your are back in college ready to go on Monday at 7am!
  5. Is it similar to the navy training done there or is it its own special RFA relevant stuff. The leadership content is the same, as we carry out the same exercises and are marked to the same criteria. the classroom stuff is similar but specific to the RFA and the role we play in the greater RN picture.
  6. Is it good or bad? Generally good, I definitely got something from it - go into it with the correct attitude and you will too.
  7. Anything else people would like to add - relax and enjoy it. As the RFA we certainly got it more relaxed and informal than the RN. You will hear the expression "Play the Game" a lot - simply get on with what you have to do, to the correct standard and you will get on fine. The Course Divisional Officer has just changed, we got to meet the new DO for 4 weeks of our course and he seems very laid back.
I hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my very limited knowledge.



Apologies on waking an older thread folks, but I have a question regarding passing out parade day. The joining instructions mention 4 guest tickets, guests must be there by 0815, and the day and date, but not much more. I found elsewhere a link to the college website, but at the moment I have been unable to load it for some reason, if it’s still online.
My questions are as follows:
1. Are additional guest tickets available, and if so, what are the conditions on them?
2. Do you leave the college on passing out day?
3. Any tips?

thank you in advance for your considered responses, my passing out parade is 11 weeks away, but given the advice to book accom early, and it’s proximity to Easter, I’m doing my research now! (This was the first relevant thread I found)

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