Dartmouth Mobile Coverage

So as I am heading to Dartmouth at the end of April, I'm wondering what is the best ( or worst ) mobile provider in terms of coverage at Dartmouth, particularly as I'm considering getting a 3G Stick for my laptop.

I think 3 / Orange have the best coverage according to maps, but does anyone have any real life experience of what coverage is like?

Don't want to go buy one and find that another network has better coverage for example, or buy one and realise I have zero coverage
Jimbo - Feel like home then, home town straddles a valley, so either way your either running down a steep blooming hill or running up a steep hill. :wink:
So am I, it will be very very satisfying to be stood on the other side of those doors. I've heard the marching with swords can go pear shaped, heard of one officer who accidentally prodded another officer in the rear when practising....all I can think is oww
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