Dartmouth May 2011

Hi all

Just checking to see if there are any others waiting 'impatiently' for a space for Dartmouth in May? and if anyone knows the minimum notice? My letter states mid march so hoping to find out soon. Does anyone know how big the intake is going to be or are the majority of places already allocated ? Also for others in the waiting game or who have been what is the fitness aspect like and what should we be aiming for?

Sorry for pissing in the wind with some of my questions.


Yes i'm still waiting... passed AIB 5th November. As far as I'm aware there is no 'minimum notice' but the final selction board for May entry sits mid-March so if you're succesful you will know by end of March. I spoke to TSO who told me May entry has a largo quota of warfare candidates to be filled but thats all I have on that front.

Cheers :)
Well hopefully find out soon I am itching to hand my notice in at work, but don't want to leave on bad terms with giving them the minimum notice. End of March doesn't seem like much time for sorting life out etc before Dartmouth assuming that I even get a place. I would have thought that as late in the day as we are already that they would have a good idea who they were letting in by now.

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