Darren Gough Joins RNR.

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Wow!!!!!!!!
  2. When I read the thread title I thought Walk_of_Shame had been outed :)
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  3. I am genuinely impressed with the radical improvement to recruiting over the last year or so. Someone is pouring a lot of effort into getting the RNR into the public eye.
  4. I would agree with you Albert. I think one more step would be to link the TV adverts similar to the Army - One Navy - Regular and Reserve - kind of thing.

    Then if they make it easier for ex-regulars to join the RNR we'll be on our way ;-)
  5. Andy Gray referred to Goughie as being "Off with the RAF" When he was at the dunker. Andy Gray is a massive douche though and Talksport is awful.

    By all accounts Mr Gough is a great bloke and got properly stuck in during his time with the RN.
  6. Not wishing to be the Devils advocate but:-.....the present system of cutbacks in the armed forces with much smaller "standing" regulars, would dictate they need a reserve of trained (well trained) stock on hand for the times when shit may hit the fan.
    Reservists do not need to be accommodated or fed whilst stood down, so recruitment of reserves whilst slimming down regulars is common sense to Politico's......yes/no?
  7. It should be! Future Reserves 20 was published not long ago stating that the reserves effectively need to double in number by 2020 due to the number of cutbacks within regular forces.

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  8. Yes, but just from my limited experience I think perhaps there needs to be some tightening of the terms of service maybe? When I joined the reserves I was told about only having to give a months notice and on the weekly training sessions it was apparent that loads of people don't turn up regularly. To have the reserves as a more integral and reliable back up perhaps stuff like that should be addressed? Again the only real experience I have is with a brief stint with my local unit, and whilst those who regularly attended were enthusiastic and exeprienced and all that, seems like some things could be improved (just my humble opinion). Others obviously know a lot more about it all then me but just my small two cents :)
  9. Training does seem to be improving, albeit slowly. There is more of it available and more, better kit is coming round to the units. Obviously there is always room for improvement but on the face of it things are definitely getting better

    I really do struggle to understand why things take so long though. Everything is so painfully slow. We've unit have been awaiting the delivery of weapons for over 12 months now. I know that everyone involved from the top to the bottom of the chain is doing everything they can but somewhere along the lines things have stalled. Bearing in mind that our largest branch is WARSEA it's a little frustrating. Don't let that take the shine off the improvements across the board though. Things are happening for the better and the RNR is becoming more professional and competent.
  10. That is awesome news, glad that the government's initiative wasn't all talk and no support- hopefully it continues to go on the up! Must be frustrating for everyone with such hurdles and stuff.
  11. I know what you mean about the relaxed drill nights with people turning up when they feel like it. Luckily we don't really suffer too much and have a good regular attendance really. You do have to be careful about taking the flexibility away. The idea is that you can work the reserves around your regular job and family life. Take that away and you would lose lots of people. It would be nice to see more people getting involved with things and being more pro-active as we do have the same people doing everything week in week out.
  12. For a lot of branches there's really not much branch-specific to do on a drill night in a reserve unit. Sure, you could do some fizz or sit in on whatever general lecture is running or the like, but not turning up for that is really no great loss to the individual. Obviously more people being in creates a better buzz in unit which helps recruitment and retention.
  13. I have to disagree, surely anyone who is keen enough to join the RN/RNR & has the ability to pass the selection requirements should be able to find out the information for themselves & not need prompting with expensive taxpayer funded adverts. Just of course a personal thought. Darren Gough, has he actually join the RNR or just taken part in an RNR activity? if he has all power to his elbow, as he has stated that he has nothing but admiration for the reserves, if he hasn't joined I take it he's just using this as another method of promoting his post cricketing journalistic/presenting career.
  14. You could say that about anything which is advertised - if people want it bad enough they'll look for it. What about the people who don't know that the RNR exist? Having been involved with recruitment for many years you would be very surprised at the number of people who don't know about us. Why does the RN advertise? Why does the Army advertise? Why does the RAF advertise? At the end of the day there is a requirement that needs to be filled. You can sit back an hope it fills itself or you can get off your ass and actually do something about it. I'd go for the second option. Why else would multi national companies spend millions of pounds a year on advertising - perhaps because it works - rightly or wrongly it works. It's just a matter of doing it in the right way.
  15. With all the full time military & civilian services being heavily oversubscribed I don't see the need for any advertising & it's expected that the extra requirements for reserves will come from the draw-down. In my area we have special police officers, retained fire-fighters & first aid responders & I can't ever recall seeing any adverts for these so why does the military need to be different? it should be covered by enthusiasm & word of mouth. But of course this is my personal opinion. But what about Darren Gough, has he actually joined the RNR or just used it as a vehicle to promote his career?
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  16. The evidence of the recruiting stats indicates otherwise.

    Have they also been told to increase by 50% in the next five years?
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  17. Remarkably out of touch and poor understanding of recruitment and advertising comments aside; Darren Gough hasn't joined the RNR, he was invited by the RN for a taster. Regardless of what you think his motives are I can assure you he threw himself right amongst it, got fully involved, chatted at length with the boys and girls, was a pleasure to be around and spoke passionately of his respect for the RN and its reservists and also of his enjoyment at participating.

    In short, great bloke.

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  18. If you have the interest and enthusiasm you should be able to find out this info for yourself :biggrin: sorry - couldn't resist.

    Bearing in mind he's 42 and has no previous service I would suggest it's safe to say that he hasn't joined and is more likely doing it because the RN have approached talksport to run adverts. They paid talksport a load of cash to promote the reserves. I would suggest that Goughy was either asked to do it by his boss of volunteered when the opportunity arose.
  19. Being the natural cynic that I am I'll email him direct & ask if he did it out of genuine interest or was paid, if I get a reply I'll advice, but I won't hold my breath whilst waiting, I often see Parkinson expounding the virtues of the fifty plus plan & how he fervently believes in it, but I wouldn't believe in a million years that he's got one or promotes it out of the goodness of his heart either.
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