Daring Class all gun Destroyers

Discussion in 'History' started by ex-GI, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. A tech question. Does anyone remember the fresh water capacity of the previous Daring Class destroyers?
  2. blimey, that's going to be a hell of a detailed model :thumright:
  3. " Evaps Caird & Raynor 35 tons per day each unit"
    Two units fitted... Run on exhaust steam, supplemented by LP Sat via desuperheater

    I thank you

    Edited for Mong spelling
  4. That isn't the holding capacity though.
    A+ for effort!
  5. Opppss. READ the question Sorry.

    300 crew, 75 gal per person per day, Dhobying, Cooking, shower. That is the normal rule of thumb.

    Port and stbd tanks Aft, Center line tank fw'd 30+ tons per tank.

    I would estimate about 100 tons.

    It's just a WAG mine you

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