Danny Nightingale

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Send the gun-toting bellend away. No sympathy from this callsign.
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  2. Thought it was compulsory to own a gun, where you live Scouse. Cunt would like to see him banged up for not having the balls to run around in a tank or something similar.
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  3. SAS SNCO in 'not above the law' shocker.
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  4. Its just sour grapes with you, because all the foreign soldier you ever met didn't wanna give you a gun.
    Most of them wanted to give you the bullets though.
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  5. It's a bit harsh, it's not as if ex SAS have ever used trophy weapons from the Gulf to kill ex girlfriends or the like.

    Tough on gun and knife crime unless you're trained to use them then it's not so bad.
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  6. He gets my sympathy especially when you see that rag head released.
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  7. Each to their own mate, but there is a history of illegal handguns from Iraq and Bosnia finding their way in to criminal hands and hurting those who honest soldiers profess to protect. The two issues are separate in my eyes, and I agree with you that Abu Qatada should be fúcked off, but I don't sympathise with either of them. Two criminals, just different crimes.
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  8. But it's nothing new is it. I remember the press post Falklands and all the worries over similar weapons! You only have to look in most SR messes to see the trophies hanging on walls.
  9. Chief diver in 91 got four years for bringing a chacon with multiple items back from Iraq.
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  10. No, I agree with you. The thing is that there are perfectly functional mechanisms to bring weapon systems home for use as training tools, and in the case of SF for use in weapon familiarisation and actual operational use. If the SF want to do everything their own way then there is always the QM's return box that all manner of shit ends up in.Even if he were to have given it to his god-like QM to ship back the problem would have been solved.

    My personal view is that the SF community treads carelessly over rules designed to protect the community and themselves. I would suggest that it would take ALOT less time to count SAS Troopers who didn't have a gat stashed away somewhere than to count those who do.
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  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The powers that be always say that a soldier detained at Colly comes out a fitter, keener soldier who normally goes on to bigger and better things.

    So, standby for another pongo wanting to join the Corps.... :)
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  12. I think he was stupid, but listening to his missus on Radio 2 the other day the lads had a few snags I don't think after 17 years service he should be banged up, no pay for the wife and 2 kids, we all do daft things, I think a suspended sentence would have been more appropriate.
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  13. It ain't the Powers thet Be that have to do the "Corrective Training".
    And as for bigger and better things,...let me see.
  14. What would have happened if (post 1982) the *Hookey Gear Police* had been given the chance to search hundreds, nay thousands of attics/lofts etc of those that returned from down South? Christ on a stick! I don't know 'bout you - but I had enough stuff to open up a pop-up-Army-Surplus shop. Combat gear, sleeping bags, hats/ helmets, hoods, jumpers and mucho other stuff to boot. Okay - there wasn't any firearms amongst my collection, but I've seen folk sent off to them places with bars on the windows for innocently permanently borrowing (returnable?) stuff that wouldn't actually kill anyone. As for a tiptoe boy with an extra sidearm? Well I'm sooooo surprised. Give him a break. Let him out, say "Don't ever do it again...now go hang it with the rest of Mister Husseins gizzits in your bar at Stirling Lines and we'll say no more about it".
    (I bet he don't get disturbed if he drops the soap in the shower).

    Good luck to him and we shall see how the various petitions/FaceBook wails and Media coverage goes with regards to getting him out).

    How long was he banged up for anyway?


  16. Little more than a dog watch.
  17. Although the sentence could be construed as beingas being a little harsh in the circumstances it is the consequencies that follow from it which are far tougher.As I understand it he will be discharged from the Army without his hard earned pension and booted out of his married quarters.I am happy to be corrected if I've got this wrong.
  18. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Did you read the transcript of the case?

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