Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. The head of the Army has warned that British troops are so stretched that the nation's military reserves are "almost non-existent".

    Nice to see this guy is not afraid to make his point - leaked or otherwise.


  2. Britain almost Out of Troops - Gen. Dannatt

    From the Telegraph:


    Sums up what we all know - all three services are running on fumes. The politicians need to do something, yeh, right we'll see that happen. Instead they will continue to abuse the professionalism and loyalty of our men and women who serve selflessly.
    No wonder retention is a problem: last one out, turn off the lights.
    Glad I went back to Civvie street when I did.
  3. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its been coming for many years and nothing surprises me anymore when I read it in the papers or hear it on the news.

    The Labour Government has totally destroyed our armed forces and they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    So glad I left when I did and I feel so sorry for the poor lads and lasses who are serving now as they are overworked to the bone.
  4. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right, where do I sign? What's the weight limit for a returning scribbler wanting to do his bit?

    Anywhere warm and safe will do, I'm not fussy, I could release the Embassy Writer from Dubai, let him/her go somewhere exotic, like Northwood, or Guzz.

    I mean after a few years nothing has changed much, has it?
  5. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    opps= see- woman with a hangover-- bloomin useless!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BH? Were you on the sauce last night?
  7. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    indeedy- so now feeling poo poo crap!!!!!!!!!
  8. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Poo Poo Crap"?

    Are you a mum by any chance?

    The reason I ask is my before my brother became a Dad, he would quite manly annouce "I'm going for a Wazz/Pish/Slash", now though (and he has no shame) he announces, in the middle of a crowded pub, "Just going for a pee-pee"!!!!
  9. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I am!!!! [​IMG]
  10. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    brigham600, could you expand on that statement with some hard facts?
  11. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It wasn't just Labour.
    At the end of the Cold War the Conservatives also cut down the services - although the Terrorist situation haddened even appeared at that time.
    So, it is down to this limp wristed Labour government to lay the majority of blame on for the Piss Poor support of our armed forces at present!

    Finknottle - are you a limp wristed left wing labour, liberal supporting person? Or have you in your life Served your Country?
    If you have served, I would suggest that you have forgotten ALL it stands for.
    I'm ex Army and ex Royal Navy (as I transferred into Gods OWN) and although a civvie now I VOTE and take a very serious interest in the way that our Services are treated.
    Being a non Liberal (hippy/liberal/labour faggot) I support our military (whether it be right or wrong) and have bought many a drink for returning servicemen from Iraqistan - in fact the bills been on me until the gents in question have turned around in after the third or fourth, said thanks and proceeded to buy their own.

    I put peaople into two groups -
    Those I would buy a drink
    And those I wouldn't.
  12. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What hard facts do you need mate. You do the maths on the amount of ships we now have left, the amount of personnel actually in all three forces, the amount of areas of the world we are currently committed to.

    I do not have the actual figures as I am not a politician, but it ain't too hard to work out how much we had in 1997 and how much we have 10 years later.

    I take it from your flag avatar you are Scottish and it would appear that the Scots are now running England anyway.

    If you want to be a socialist mate, go to Russia as I am sure you see how they deal with people they don't like.
  13. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check Fire on the Scots digs. The UNITED KINGDOM is governed by legally elected party (and before we get started on the election of GB to the post, I know, he wasn't).

    As for the Scots running England, no mate, the British run Britain, so we're all in Sheep Dip. End of.
  14. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought he was? Unopposed, true, but still elected leader of the party.
  15. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No mandate to govern though UA.
    And it says loads about how important Defence really is to this "government" that the Minister for Defence is also the Minister for Sweaties ;)
  16. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the graph says it all.



    Ours started with the Conservatives and snowballed with the Liberals....hard to climb out of the hole once it's been dug too deep...
  17. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah yes, the wonderfully inept Des Browne. No further comment required.
  18. Re: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes the fleet has diminished a wee bit but there are still sufficient surface ships to fulfil the present commitments, it just means you have dipped out on the jollies. Not as it was when I joined up and we could go for a 18 month bash round the world at the taxpayers expense, happy days indeed, it's no good griping just because you have to do your job and yes we old salts were lucky but all good things come to an end.

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