Dangerouse Times

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. You want danger, excitement, dead bodies, intrigue?
    Forget Afghan, get a draft to Midsomer.
    Fuck me I have had it on and in an hour and there's more stiffs than Tombstone in 1886.
    How the fuck is the village still populated.
    I would prefer NI at least I had a gun.
    It's the kind of place I'd meet Seadog after I upset him.:shock:=D
  2. Tamworth is a close second.
  3. 2 murders here in 30 years.
    Not like Stafford Hospital eh?
  4. Bloke who writes it lives near me ... I'm buying a dog ... a BIG FCUK OFF DOG thats eats people!
  5. :walk:Harlan County Kentucky,"^^;Justified" "I see those long hard times to come" Once lived on the Underhill Estate Wolverhampton which came pretty near. I've just discovered a long lost relation lives on the Westlands Estate Droitwich :sad: Oh fuck!:fart:
  6. Fuckin hell Jess everyone's related on there its called inbreeding or "family quality time".

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