Dangerous Things to be heard in the RN.


Following along the lines of a previous thread.... 5 to get us started!

A Seaman saying, "I learned this at Raleigh..."
A Petty Officer saying, "Trust me, sir..."
A Sub Lieutenant saying, "Based on my experience..."
A Lieutenant saying, "I was just thinking..."
A Chief chuckling, "Watch this s**t...


War Hero
No, sunshine! It goes in the other way! :evil:

And I don't care what your oppo told you, "RPM" means "rounds per minute"! :twisted:



War Hero
Do you hear there Captain speaking...

"I have heard there are rumours on 2 deck regarding our deployment to the Carribean and that it has been changed to Baltops over Xmas. Therefore, when I know I will let you know." "That is all"

Five minutes later...

"Do you hear there, Clear lower deck, ships company to muster on the flightdeck" :)


War Hero
Would you like to order from the a la carte menu this evening?
A bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape to accompany it?



Lantern Swinger
Whilst on leave in Bangcok please be aware that many girls are infected and the local rum is extremely potent. Do Not (R) Not partake of either!

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