Dan Snow to talk about Wolfe at RM museum on 10 May

I know this will interest certain female Rum Rationers; maybe others, too:

Dan Snow in talk about war hero at museum
Portsmouth News 1 Apr 2010 said:
TV personality Dan Snow will turn his hand to lecturing when he speaks at the Royal Marines Museum. The presenter will give a talk on the famous army commander James Wolfe, who led the British to victory over France at Quebec City in Canada in the 18th century.

He was killed during the battle at the city's Heights of Abraham, but the victory allowed Britain to take control of Quebec and force the end of French rule in North America.

Mr Snow, who last year made a documentary about the history of the Royal Navy, will speak about the amphibious character of the battle on Monday, May 10 at 7pm.

Marketing manager Sandy Wilson said: 'These sort of talks prove very popular and I'm sure the fact that Dan Snow is speaking will boost that.'

Tickets cost £10 for adults and £6 for children, and the talk is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.

Tickets are available from the museum by calling (023) 9281 9385), or visiting marinesmuseum.co.uk.


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Prefer to hear about how a Lt James Cook buoyed the channel at night with muffled oars so that the pongoes could get there in the first place ..


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Snow did a programme on Wolfe, it was on the TV a couple of weeks ago, interesting and I thought well done.

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