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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nomnomnom, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. I sat my RT today and didn't score high enough for CT (my first choice) but the Advisor suggested i go for CIS instead, he also stated that CIS applicants undertake similar training to CT's and that transferring to CT once serving would be a viable option (even more so for me once i get my degree), is this true? A lot of you seem to be of the opinion that sideways entry is nigh-on impossible which is counter to what i've been told today...

    Would it be best to wait and resit the Recruitment test as i won't be joining for a year anyway or persue the CIS route and if 'CT happens, it happens' as i'm interested in CIS too, but would definately prefer CT.

    Many Thanks
  2. What is your degree in?
  3. The other thread is 19 pages long and very old, i didn't expect anyone to read it to be honest, sorry.

    Was just wondering why i was told one thing by a careers advisor (he seemed adamant that i could) and have read the complete opposite on here.
  4. Software Engineering (will be)
  5. Why would a degree help if your not clever enough your not clever enough, a piece of paper isn't going to change that.
  6. If you end up joining as CIS don't expect to immediately branch change. In fact, it may never happen at all. You will have to spend a number of years in the branch that you join up in, and you may never get manning clearence to change branch, especially now that the navy are recruiting direct entry CTs and will have a good idea of their manning requirements.

    The differences between CIS & CT are chalk and cheese. If you've been told the training's similar it's probably because they both know how to use a TGN.

    "A lot of you seem to be of the opinion that sideways entry is nigh-on impossible"

    That's because most of us KNOW it's bloody difficult to get a branch change. Now, if you spoke Farsi, it might help.
  7. Surely if he asked really nicely and said please...?
  8. It was the Careers advisor that told me this...?
  9. Thanks for the replies, if somewhat sarcastic (this seems to be the norm around here?), i've decided to wait it out and re-sit the RT at a later date. It's not that im not clever enough, i know i am, the RT just took me by surprise and i guess i didn't fully prepare therefore i only have myself to blame for this, i'm sure i'm not the first person to be unprepared for the RT and i'm sure i won't be the last. Thanks.
  10. hey nomnom....
    why do you want to join as a ct?
    as long as you've done your research on your branch of choice and are happy about the ups and downs,and if thats what u want to do then fine.Alot of people fail their rt, when i took my rt i was told that only 40% of people passed it in my area and that alot of people dont even score high enough for their chosen branch.there's a reason why its hard to transfer to a different branch,(and it is hard to do so)one of the reasons is money.Don't join up and do a branch for the small hope of maybe one day of transfering to something else,because u might not be able to do so.if it's ct you want then hold in there and try again and if you don't atleast u tried.

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  15. "Can you do this task for me?"
    "Yeah, had a look at the manual its 19 pages long, so can't really be bothered"

    Good start!!!!!
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  17. Ha ha ha.

    I actually read all 19 pages of the thread before posting a reply in it (hence my question as to why the CA has told me different to what a lot of you believe), there seem to be a lot of conflicting opinions on sideways entry into CT which is what influenced my thread . I waited 7 hours and i didn't get a response to my question so i figured i should start my own thread instead of trying to hijack someone elses. No worrys anyway, i'm gonna wait it out, i don't want to settle for something else, i want CT so thats what i'm going for.
  18. Hi Mr Bullcrap (lol),

    Thanks for the constructive response, i didn't fail my RT i just didn't score high enough for my chosen trade, the recruiter said i barely missed it which pissed me off a little tbh, i would have felt a little better if i didn't know at all, and i'm kicking myself now because i could have done a lot more to prepare so let this be a lesson to potential candidates, REVISE REVISE REVISE! DON'T TAKE THE RT LIGHTLY!

    The English & reasoning sections were ridiculously easy, the Maths was relatively easy, but the Mechanical is where i slipped up as it's quite hard to revise for since you either know it or you don't.

    Yes, i've decided not to continue the application process as a CIS, i'm going to wait a year (as im still at Uni) and then retake the RT and hopefully score high enough for CT as now i know what to expect, i'm not prepared to settle for second best. Do you know what the next step should be? Will i have to get my application closed down and start a fresh one all over again?

    Many thanks!
  19. I don't know anything about the process of getting your application closed or what not.The best thing is to ask your recruiter what the next stage is. And to keep him/her informed about what it is you want,and don't let them push you onto something you might not really want.....to be honest i don't see the attraction to be a ct,but then again many people thought i was mad when i made my branch selections,and tried to push me in other directions...so meh!
    What if ,what if.....anything can happen in a years time.Life is short,do what makes you happy it's a risk only if you only see it that way or you might want to see it as a different day and another opportunity,at least you'll give it another go. :wink:

    Mr Bullcrap.

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