Damn his eyes.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stumpinuts33, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. warfare branch eyesight requirements

    hi everyone

    i have recently passed the rt test at leeds afco, still not got interview yet but have been sent for the eye test and unfortunatly all is not well, apparently i come in at standard 3 which is lower than required for the warfare branch. as i am getting on a bit at 34 i dont want to risk having laser surgery, wait 12 months and then due to the waiting lists not get in before 37....does anyone know if it is possible to have laser surgery while waiting?...i:e accepted for warfare subject so successful surgery

    warfare is prefered choice otherwise prob weapons engineer as heard air tech dont spend that much time at sea and want to travel lots :lol:
  2. Re: warfare branch eyesight requirements

    I have never heard of this sort of thing happening, mainly because of the relative uncertainty about the success of laser eye surgery. We're still in the very early days of accepting people who've had their eyes lasered. The recruiting people (Ninja Stoker or Super Mario) would be better placed than I to answer this, but I would doubt your proposal would be accepted.
  3. Re: warfare branch eyesight requirements

    ok thanks for that

    looks like weapons engineer then, i suppose as 1 door closes another door opens :lol:

    anyone have any ideas of the waiting list for the engineering branch
  4. Re: warfare branch eyesight requirements

    Use search button there are threads galore with current waiting list times
  5. are eyes tested at basic training

    the reason i ask this is because prior to my rt teswt i had my eyes tested at specsavers and came in at va2 corrected, however 4 days later at D & A they put me down as va3 corrected
    went back to specsavers today, had them checked again and they are still stating va2 corrected although it is borderline, i then went back to D & A who did the test again and although they say its borderline are still saying va3
    any advice on how to play this would be appreciated
  6. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    just to clarify, if i can get passed as va2, will they be retested at raleigh as i am worried that if accepted at va2 will someone elses opinion be va3 at raleigh and therefore have to start the process again by applying for a different branch
  7. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    No, there is no eyesight test during your training at HMS Raleigh.
  8. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    What about the medical on Day 2 Week 1?
  9. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    not a formal eye test though is it, just a butchers at the silly card with a big A at the top and all those other letters I can never see.
  10. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    the problem with borderline is that i am a 6/7.5 so rounded up is 6/9 and rounded down is 6/6....would not be a problem if otherway round as left eye can be a 6/9 however the right must be 6/6 and i am vice versa
  11. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    You should not round up - if you cannot read 6/6 then you are 6/9.
  12. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    ok thanks for that, a little gutted though as had heart set on warfare branch so now looks like engineering branch instead

    very annoying though being told va2 twice by one shop and va3 by another

    if its not to much trouble to ask i had considered sm but in 1999 had a pneumothorax on both lungs...no trouble since but am a little unclear as to likelihood of being able to serve on subs....any rough advice would be a great help

    both lungs were operated on and fixed in 1999 ensuring no possible recurance
  13. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    If you've had bilateral pleurodeses then that won't be a problem.
  14. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    not sure what that is

    i had a left and right side video assisted bullectomy and pleurectomy
  15. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    Bullectomy - this sounds slightly more sinister. Suggests your pneumothoraces weren't spontaneous but secondary to bullous lung disease. See your GP, bring copies of all letters from the hospital to him/her with you to the medical examination. It may all be ok, but my antennae are pricking up that all is not as straight forward as you make out.
  16. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    from what i remember i had a bullae ( i think) on both lungs which one evening decided to burst and both my lungs collapsed at the same time, went to hospital where they inserted the chest drains prior to operation

    the operation involved removing the affected areas, stapling the lungs back together and and re-attatching to the chest wall, i have had no further collapses of any sort since 1999

    i understand you can not give me a definative answer however i dont want to look indecisive at the careers office as i am already having to change job choice due to the eyesight unless i can get D & A to agree me as va2 due to it being borderline...i am hoping to find this out on tuesday

    still trying to decide on aet or we ( preffered )as would prefer to spend more time at sea than at an air station :lol:
  17. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    If you had the eye test and result that you wanted from Specsaver, why would you then go and get a 2nd opinion (and an opinion that you didn't want hear) from elsewhere?
  18. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    i didn,t...i had the eye test done as i knew i needed one for the navy so got one done in preparation, however when i showed up with it at the afco i was given a form and told to go to D & A as thats where the navy insist you have it done, they in turn gave me va3 when specsavers had given va2 so when collecting my new glasses from specsavers i asked them to double check it
    they still state that i am a va2 just, so with my obvious annoyance at this went back to D & A, they checked again and still say va3

    needless to say i am a little annoyed by this

    memo to royal navy accounts....should have gone to specsavers :lol:
  19. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    they used to test your eyes on joining especially as a seaman see what you could do ,.They also gave you an audio test to see if you could be a sonar operator
  20. Re: are eyes tested at basic training

    Ours were all deaf, always standing by the speakers at rock concerts. but they could always "hear" a round being bought :D
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