Damien Hirst Art Theft.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by taffscrivs, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Police have issued video footage of thieves stealing examples of Hirst's artwork.I hope they catch these people.... and give them a fucking medal! Anyone who removes this shite from public view deserves to be richly rewarded.
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  2. I was in Malaga a few weeks ago, and having nowt better to do went to the Piccaso museum, seems he hung out with a load of other painters, and imo he wanted to join in but couldnt paint so he knocked out a load of pot bellied three eyed women with fat fingers, so I'm leaning on this wall looking at this stuff and this bird comes over and tells me to get off the wall, sorry says I, did he paint this as well? she snarls at me, I look the wall up and down, he was better with emulsion than oils wasnt he, she glares and flounces off, er indoors grabs my ear and removes me from the building.
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  3. The only piece of "art" by Mr Hirst that springs to mind was a shark in a tank of formalin. Bugger ... missed my callling ... I've been pickling body parts in formalin for years!
  4. You could have made a killing there doc.
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  5. As long as that wasn't the precedent to the pickling bit . . .
  6. Artist ? the guy is a clever crank, wangling lots of dough out of idiots willing to buy his crap efforts.

  7. You could have popped round to our's for a G&T!

    Alternatively, just round the corner from the Picasso museum is a cracking bistro bar called El Pimpe - it is an old brothel!!

  8. I too have been pickling my body (internal) parts for years!
  9. I reckon he is a genius, in no way does he think his art is worthy of that money. He exploits the moronity of people with more money than sense; it is a big middle finger to the pretentious art world. 'Look what these idiots will buy just becuase i assembled it'.

    I hope that is the case anyway, one big satire of the ridiculous art world.
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  10. I'll be in Malaga mid May, where's this place that sells broth?
  11. Just Google 'El Pimpe, Malaga' - simples! It oozes atmosphere. There are loads of sherry barrels all signed by famous Spaniards - Paloma Piccaso, Antonio Banderas etc.
  12. Stand by for thread drift......

    Whilst in Glasgow last week we went to the Jack Vettriano exhibition - BRILLIANT! I know a lot of the 'art world' aka pretentious twats, don't like him or his work, but to see 120 of his paintings was fantastic. Funnily enough, for an artist famous fo his suggestive pictures, the only one we didn't like was one where the model's boob was hanging out. A highly recommended exhinbition.

    Santa bought me a small framed print of 'On Parade' - look it up!

    Secure from thread drift.
  13. Uck me, did someone say Beetlejuice three times
  14. Time and money, but I spent an enjoyable half hour taking the piss out of a Yorkshireman, so my morning wasnt completely wasted.
  15. WTF is all that Wits?

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