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An interesting article regarding the Dambuster raids, which puts a face to the incredibly brave crews of the Lancaster bombers.

What I found interesting was the filter bar across the top which brings home the incredible attrition rate and the multi-national involvement in this raid (45 out of the 133 weren't Brits).

It's hard to believe nowadays that losing 55 men on a single raid was considered an acceptable loss in achieving the objective.

BBC News - Dambusters: All the men who took part
Good post Ninja, glad to see you are not so anti crab as some appear to be.
Hello, someone call?

i also believe that my dislike of the junior service is warranted, having spent 9 years of my 23 stuck with them and seeing how they treat the senior service and slating everything we do grates after a while. I do have some really close Crabfat mates and work with many ex ones. I put a RNRMC collection box in work the other day along with a load of old DVD's I had been donated, the amount of ex crabs who would not even look at them after seeing the box was in the majority. Yes, I do donate when they come round with the wings collection box! Wearing a sticker however is a step too far!

However did watch the first of the few today, story of the spitfire, loads of stereotypical crabs, smoking pipes, black Labradors and as camp as christmas! Film was quite good when they got to the start of the design bit.

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Good post Ninja, glad to see you are not so anti crab as some appear to be.
I have the very highest respect for those who earned their place in history.

I have a healthy dislike for the current scheming back-stabbers that scrapped the Harrier in a deliberate attempt to derail the future carriers.

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