Dam Busters remake

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Binnie, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Supposedly in the final stages of planning, filmed in New Zealand and with peter jackson (a New Zealander) as director, this is to tell a whole new generation of possibly the most inventive and audacious mission of WW2, if not ever.

    Obviously, there are concerns that it might become like Pearl Harbour all over again, but with the effects at hand today you would expect the film to at least attract a new audience. The story itself is so naturally amazing that there really is no need to embellish it with reams of codswallop like the film mentioned at the start of this paragraph.

    BTW there were two American pilots on the mission, one of whom, Dinghy Young, was a flight leader... :wink:
  2. "Dinghy" Young was an Aussie
  3. I know Wikipedia can be a bit off at times, but according to them he was born in Pasedena
  4. and will the Lancs take off from RAF MIDDLE EARTH? :D :D
  5. Don't know but I hear the Dam is to be replaced by King Kong ;)
  6. Would that be Pasedena W. Australia :?: :wink:

  7. :D :D
  8. It says Pasedena California but as I said, Wikepedia ain't exactly right every time
  9. Anyway I thunk the kiwi fulm remake wull not be as good as the orgunal eh bro? :wink: 8)
  10. Or as "accurate" due to political reasons ...
  11. Here's betting the name of Gibson's dog in the remake isn't the same as it is in the original.

  12. NIGGER! good dog! :twisted:
  13. As depicted in the original film, Gibson's dog was buried outside the main gate at RAF Scampton. I worked in Saudi with an ex-Crab whose claim to fame that that he had a slash outside the gate and was trooped for "urinating on a war grave "- that of said dog !!
  14. Being politically correct and wishing to fully integrate this film for EU audiences are they going to bomb Burrator Reservoir instead?
    Secondly may I suggest they employ GRANNY as an extra.
    They could use his ears as the aiming points for the towers and he in turn could fire back at the Lancasters. (or are Eurofighters to be used instead? :D :D
  15. Expect a broadside from ex Pogi granny, :D he hasnt got big ears at all, :D
  16. So if Granny hasn't got big ears.....who the fcuks got Noddy? :D :D
  17. Peter Jackson is remaking The Dam Busters in 3D.

    The Lord Of The Rings director told The Daily Telegraph he wants to use new technology to make bombs leap out at the audience in his reimagining of the 1954 classic war film.

    Jackson said: "I think a World War Two bombing raid in 3D would be neat."

    The director is currently shooting experimental three-dimensional aerial footage in New Zealand, and if the trials are a success he will go ahead with his remake of The Dam Busters, which commemorates the raids on key German dams during the Second World War.

    Christian Rivers, who was responsible for the animation in Jackson's version of King Kong, is assisting him on the £24 million project.

    Jackson has said he wants his film to be "as authentic as possible and as close to the spirit of the original as possible".

    The original film, now a cult classic, starred Richard Todd as Wing Commander Guy Gibson, and the cast included actors who had actually fought in the war a decade earlier.
  18. ffs, 3D? Butcher the film to death why don't ya. 3D was shit in the 80's, what makes it not shit today? Might as well have Michael Bay direct it and Linkin Park & The Cheeky Girls do the soundtrack if that's the path they're taking, drive it right into the bloody ground eh. That'd sure be 'neat' or 'swell' or whatever, right.
  19. Bloody marvellous....but who has got Noddy if Granny hasn't? :wink:

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