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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by binman, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. can someone help me i am trying to find a London Name Plate Mfg. Co. Ltd. of London and Brighton and was marked "Computer Dead Reckoning Mk. 4A Ref. No. 6B/2645" i have gone through google and its turned up some shabby looking things on ebay.

    any help will be greatly welcome,

    any thanks
  2. As I type, I have on my knee a MK4A. The Wind card is as slack as a whores draws and, by factoring the speeds by 1/10, I use it on most flights. Funnily enough, by great patience, I bought it on eBay. The moral being for me; give nowt back.

    Why do you want one?
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  4. i have a long gap between now and my nav lead in course and want to keep on top of my nav work before i go back. if i can find one cheap enough no harm in picking one up and sharping up my nav work. tad throbbing i know
  5. If you need a Dalton whizzwheel fast: POOLEY'S CRP-1- COMPUTER on eBay (end time 24-Jan-11 19:15:30 GMT)
    POOLEY'S CRP-1- COMPUTER on eBay (end time 24-Jan-11 19:15:30 GMT)

    I believe the Pooley's stores reference is short for "crap" but it's a cheap near-as for keeping current.

    I'd sell you my MK4A but I need it.

    Have you got the relevant pages from AP3456?
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  7. Would this be the wee beastie, Dlaton Mk 6A, unfortunately - not for sale. Only 2 left now, a regular sized machine and a small one.

    Used to kid the wife she had shrunk it in the wash!!!

  8. cheers for that Waspie just need my metal ruler, chinograph pens maps and NAV bag and SAR bag !!! not forgetting to write down the ships call signs, on my knee pad!!!! and were lifting LOL
  9. A Douglas protractor and a bar or two of nutty adrift there Scouse!!!! In the latter years of ye Wasp I ditched the sea chart and associated blotting board and discovered a circular plotting board, (replaced the chart and protractor), for the sea navs!!! Over land I did what I usually did - pointed and said - "over there boss". Worked for me.:winkrazz:

  10. i emailed the london name plate MFG and they will make a one off for £80 plus vat! i think i will try and get one through stores.
  11. Love the photo of me with a Dalton, Scouse. Even better is the high-tech addition to the aircraft, marked 'Pencil Box' just in case nobody knew what it was for.......conclusive proof that navigators are not the sharpest tools in the shed :-D

    Binman, just go with the CRP suggestion; it's a LOT cheaper and it does exactly the same thing as Pusser's version (which is built to withstand direct nuclear hit etc). You can get away with 99% of your calculations with a CRP1, with the CRP5 only required for the Mach calculator missing on the 1. There's always millions of those going cheap because PPL guys etc don't use them any more.
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