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Daily Telegraph: "Royal Navy 'Focused' On Increasing Number Of Reserves" (+Video)



The RNR medical branch is pretty small and the intention is for them to man an entire PCRF/S on their own. Not even close at present. They need to entice people in, which may be tricky in the post-HERRICK era. In fact, some may leave now that the prospect of going to HERRICK has gone.

From what I have heard on various grapevines, something they should consider is the operational experience of some of the senior medical/nursing team in the RNR. People look at the experience they have had, and if their RNR career has consisted of drill nights, drinking in the bar, getting fat, being rank-obsessed with the odd bit of ceremonial in the City of London thrown in then they will look elsewhere.

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Since I left the RN in May, I have had two letters from this commander almost begging me to join the RNR, even promising I would be able to keep my rank etc. Believe all who served get this. Don't know why they bother as if I wanted to remain, I would have taken extended career.


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Drewfester - the simple fact is that most RN don't know what the RNR is about. I'm in recruitment and recently I've had lots of enquiries from RN currently serving soon to leave and even more who have recently left. The resettlement process is clearly not getting this info across to people when they leave which results in so many Ex-RN coming back to join us after they've left.

The biggest problem with this is the length of time and hassle it then takes to get them back in uniform. Understandably most of them get stalled with waiting and lose interest before they complete the process. As 2DD and he'll vouch for the pain ex-regulars experience trying to get back in - even as a part timer:crying:


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Daily Telegraph: "Royal Navy 'Focused' On Increasing Number Of Reserves"

Oh, good. Have we told the AFCO's and all the paper pushers? They don't seem to know.....
Not too sure how the RNR Air Branch works, I live nowhere near CU or VL so I suppose my local (London, 50 miles away) unit would not need a steely eyed ex wafu pinky/Greenie/bomb head?

I'll do my bit for the RNA instead.

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Not too sure how the RNR Air Branch works, I live nowhere near CU or VL so I suppose my local (London, 50 miles away) unit would not need a steely eyed ex wafu pinky/Greenie/bomb head?

Any given RNR unit doesn't really have much use for any particular branch; reservists don't do their role for their unit, they do it for the RN. For many reservists, the unit is a somewhat wonky paperwork machine with some added branch-unrelated bits n' pieces every so often.

If you joined the RNR air branch, you'd have little need to drop into your "local" unit (to which you wouldn't be attached anyway, unless how the Air Branch assigns its people has changed since I last checked, which it could have) and instead, every so often you'd turn up at RNAS Somewheresville and (for non-flying training) wherever they can book the facilities; Sultan, for example, or Collingwood.
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