Daily Star's Video Vixen

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Well lads, meet Zoe, only 19yrs old, the new 'Video Vixen' for the 'Daily Star!

    Before you ask, her vitals are as follows;



    Now, roll your tongues in, wipe the desk and stop being BL00DY PERVERTED!!!!!!!!

    Grrr men :twisted:

  3. Wish I wuz a bin liner!!.. :( :(
  4. Bottle blonde and plastic bust, no thanks.
  5. I'm sorry, this is just trash journalism and RR shouldn't support it......very often!

  6. Blonde??...didn't notice that! :lol:
  7. Good god man, its warm and wet, what more could you ask for ???? :D
  8. And far too bl**dy young for the likes of me
  9. Ah there is more to life, if she's going to get done up in plastic then why not go the whole hog, and of course how responsive is she to likely to be to amusing stimuli.

    Warm and wet, but doing a good imitation of a sack of spuds and you might as well not bother.
  10. Worried about your heart Maxi, but what a way to go :lol:
  11. Id rather 'go' moe often than just once.
  12. Very good point!
  13. Bloody virgins!!!
  14. And your point is ? :D , Only playing matey, fair comment, I would prefer a lady with a brain and who presses all the right buttons, so to speak.
  15. Strap her backwards over a table and take a riding crop to those and:

    1 - she probably won't feel anything anyway.
    2 - You run the risk of them developing a leak.
    3 - They don't move as they should do, when they're chock full of plastic.

  16. Why have you tryed this ?? 8O :wink:
  17. Couldn't comment.
  18. :D , Go on I wont tell anyone !!, Honest :wink:
  19. Well, it varies depending on what you're using a straightforward cane can be quite entertaining but a rattan cane probably needs reserved for when ones partner has a little more experience, a proper riding crop is quite effective or if one preferes a flogger (cat-o-nine tails) then different types have different effects.

    Best to start off with quick, sharp, strokes initially before building up the frequency and strength of the impact until you're able to really put your back into it.

    On the bust is a bit tricky, because you really don't want to land any of the implements on the upper chest, and certainly not on the face. Bent over and presenting the buttocks and thighs leaves more opportunity for a sustained session, plus it's easier to monitor the effects.

  20. Good God Karma....have to try that!!! Thanks. :lol:

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