daily rant/scream/punch of the wall- knock yourselves out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by kinross_special, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. I can remember when criminals had standards! No respect.
  2. Same thing happened in Plymouth not so long ago this year

    I agree no respect!
  3. There is a special place in hell reserved for people like this.
  4. Re: daily rant/scream/punch of the wall- knock yourselves ou

    I only hope the politicians, do-gooders and PC brigade are proud of the new modern society they have forged.

    If found the desicrators of these memorials should be sent to front line and see first hand what sacrifice means.
  5. The reality is that contrary to common myth real criminals have never had any respect for decent people and crimes like this have been around since crime was invented. There will always be those who see the quick buck at some one elses expense as the smart thing to do. I would like toagree with thos above in the suggestion this sort of thing is a modern phenomenon but it isn't just look at the spivs and profiteers in both world wars for example.
  6. Not just the desecrators the scrap merchants are as bad, if not worse. No respect, no morals.

    Came on this earth with nothing I'm doing well I still have it, if I can find it.
  7. Agreed some will always profit from just about anything they think that they can get away with. So its not a new problem, but I disagree that criminals haven't got worse, or maybe its just more of them.

    I had some regular visitors to the cells on a Friday night who wouldn't dream of doing that sort of thing, but over the years the criminals got worse. The things they were nicked for, got more unpleasent and more violent. I hate to admit it but the women were the worst...Vicious compared to the men.
  8. If the scrap merchant scum had any respect and refused to purchase the plaques, Then the scum would not steal them

    So it is down to the scrap merchant scum really for most things

    I turn up to a scrappy with a memorial plaque in bronze, I would expect to get reported to the police, the same with drain covers, manhole covers

    Where did you get these from should not be even in the equation

    Scrap merchants are the real scum who encourage this theft

    Scrap your car £75 guv, then drain the tank, for £30 of fuel, £30 for the new battery you have put in to get the thing running before it failed it's MOT, Along with the new tyres, then weigh the metal in for £100 scrap value, and sell the rest to punters needing parts, headlight guv £30 etc

    It is the trade to be in, but I am afraid I have morals, though not the capital

    Jack McH
  9. This ain't anything new.


    An extremely large % of crime in this country is committed to fund drug use. Druggies have no respect for anyone; not even their parents.

    You don't have to turn up at the scrapyard with an easily identifiable piece of metal. There are plenty of 'underground' furnaces (I've seen some about 15' tall) that are capable of smelting large amounts of scrap metal and turning them into rough shapes that no busy scrapyard would notice.
  10. Quite honestly there are too many people in this country who shut their eyes to crime and wrong doing, petty or otherwise. Someone knows who did this and if they had any sense of decency (and therein lies the problem) they would have made an anonymous call and shopped the little oiks by now.

    Of course the odds are that if subsequently found guilty the offenders would probably get suspended community service or some such with options for foreign holidays and free iPods. Crime? Who says it doesn't pay?

  11. I suspect however that it is not little oiks but big oiks who are in the business of nicking high value metal. After all war memorials make a change from the traditional lead from a church which is the mainstay of these professional thieves.
  12. Big or small ... Oiks are Oiks and they still need to receive proper punishment for the crimes they commit. Its a real shame on the system that there is no real deterrent to discourage vandalism and petty crime.


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