Daily Mail - redundancy mess up.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Scorpio1986, Jun 29, 2015.

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  1. This has been happening a while now and to be honest, most the SNCOs that were made redundant have, unsurprisingly enough, told pusser to ram it!
    They've spent the best part of their life being sent around the world, here there and everywhere, fair enough that's what we sign up for, but when it's back to back ships and deployments at short notices, short on crew with gapped billets and then made redundant, followed by getting a civvy job and sorting your life outside, then to get a phone call saying "will you come back for 3 more years of being shafted and an ineligibility for promotion", what would you say?
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  2. As all the engineering SRs made redundant will tell pusser to do one, will they simply not move to a more aggressive approach, and force them back under the recall liability?
  3. That never happened when they made precisely the same cock up in '91/'92 when all the redundancies were made.

    It's good to know the powers that be have long memories and don't make the same mistake twice!!!
  4. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Ha. I'd like to see them try. I'm liable for recall still.

    Give it your best shot, eh?

  5. I'm not :D
  6. Is it not a good time to be joining then? :/
  7. On the contrary, the Mob are very keen to recruit. If you sign up fully knowing what is involved then keep at it.
  8. Is if you want to visit the world, be an ME / WE SNCO and there's some nice bonus' and you'll rack up the lsa days and pay! :)

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  9. I suppose the starting point for negotiation for re-entry is for the RN to offer similar terms & conditions to industry and allow us to keep our pension and lump sum. If that was on the table there may be the potential to get those that have left through the gates.
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  10. I think you've been hanging around with the Bootnecks too long Northern-matelot..... SRs.... not SNCOs !!;)
  11. I've had more drafts to bootneck units than I have had ships! I thought a SR was a SNCO?

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