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Daily Mail: "Five women to become first female Marines"


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If they are from the army will they not be AACC qualified Commandos, rather than Marines?

Also the article states "The move to train female commandos comes as Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon prepares to make a ruling on whether Britain should follow its European counterparts and allow women into the front line."

Presumably this article is wrong or out of date or have the ladies in question been on the 30 miler for a while?


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If they pass does that mean they will cross dress as blokes or be called cheats as they wear dresses anyway?


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One is expected to be Gunner Penny Rushton, 26. She volunteered for the course when attached to 29 Commando Royal Artillery brigade in October 1999, but was not allowed to take part. Gunner Rushton, known as Stumpy to friends at just 5ft 2in, was dubbed GI Jane after the movie starring Demi Moore as a US army recruit.

How old is this article??? If she joined 29 RA in 1999 she would have been 14!!!! Maybe that's why she is green death material


War Hero
shit we are desperate............what next boy scouts on AAC. would be an interesting badge to get for them. knitting, sewing steely eyed bringer of death. Bugger that is the RM's


**** me. There is so much wrong with this article it's unreal, what a ******* comic.


Feel the rage. Then kill someone in the face.

I'm fully raged up.



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The rest of the press ran more Service savvy versions of the Mail story on 23 October 1999. The first female commando was Philippa Tattersall who passed AACC in 2002.

As Google dates the Mail story '1 day ago' it looks as if the Mail filed this story online yesterday, it isn't merely in their archive, otherwise it would read 23 Oct 1999.

Or maybe some hacked off hack is trying to discredit a great newspaper.
I was down in CTCRM (getting ready for my careers advisors selection) at the time when (The first female commando) Philippa Tattersall was trying to pass AACC in 2002. She was really struggling to get over the wall and had more than 1 attempt at the assualt course. As far as I know only 1 other female as ever passed AACC. There is definitely no plans to put women directly into the RM's (possibly the SM service).



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Re the mention of Prince Edward. I recall being at the Royal Tournment just after he had been SNLRd, and the Green Death were all wearing T-shirts saying 'You can turn a frog into a prince, but you can't turn a prince into a Marine'!


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When wrens look like blokes, god knows what these are going to look like!

You must know some essence blokes.

You haven't read the thread have you? I hope you read the instructions for helicopter maintenance rather than just go off half cocked.
I was down in CTCRM (getting ready for my careers advisors selection) at the time when (The first female commando) Philippa Tattersall was trying to pass AACC in 2002. She was really struggling to get over the wall and had more than 1 attempt at the assualt course.

Funny old thing that - I was doing exactly the same thing at the same time.I believe she had three attempts at the wall.


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I've booked my air fares and sorted my accomodation, the sight of 5' 2" Gunner Penny 'Stumpy' Ashton trying to get over the 6 foot wall and up the 30 foot rope climb will be well worth it.
5 pongo women at once? So at least one should get a lid!

Hurrumphs and rustles copy of the Beano.
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