Daily Mail caught lying again. How long can they get away with it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by guestm, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. The latest in a long line of deliberately vicious, misleading 'reporting' defies belief. It's like they're not even bothered about being caught now as they know their readership will just lap it up and believe it. The fact that people still do that, despite them being caught lying time after time absolutely astounds me. Where does it end though? How do they even get away with it?

    So here we are, enjoy: http://www.globalpost.com/article/6636122/2015/08/25/female-tv-reporter-gets-help-beirut-protesters-daily-mail-sees-something
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hmmn, think I might have mentioned something about the standard of Daily Mail reporting previously, funnily enough:

  3. Incidentally (as mentioned in the above article) if anyone has twitter, DMreporter is a great account that constantly shows up the Daily Mail with amusing effect.
  4. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Trouble is my grandparents still read it and I still wistfully think of them being too old to, you know, really get it. Grandparents get a free pass.

    Don't be so bloody patronising. You'd be surprised what some of us do 'get'.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A pension? ;)
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  6. Daily Mail reader in our local cafe recently gobbing off about Mo Farah not being British , my mate pipes up 'Not like Bradley Wiggins eh'......'Yeh a true Lancastrian'
    'Born in Belgium to a Australian Father'......' You sure ? '.........
    'Positive'.......DM reader exit stage left with his sarnie muttering.
  7. Like I said "a free pass"! Lands end to John 'o' Groats and everywhere in between now isn't it ;)

    It's my grandparent's choice to read the DM and mine to roll my eyes and tut like the soft, bleeding heart, millennial that I am.

    Anyway, as shown, that newspaper prints information which is wildly untrue and it's hard to see why anyone would want to read it other than to feel safe whilst reaffirming their own views.

    No newspaper is without bias but at least sticking to the broadsheets gives you half a chance, plus nowadays you don't have to look like a know-it-all throb-happy, cock-thumper in the mess thanks to smartphones!
  8. Do buck up. Not valid in Wales or Scotland (Or Norn) if an English pass. Apart from that Grandparents are entitled. They worked long and hard enough. Daily Wail is The Star in civvies. :cool:
  9. They're playing to their audience, which I get. However, theyre increasingly pushing the boundaries. Did the Leveson inquiry not cover outright lying?
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  10. I like to scan through it (although I'd never buy it) because it's always useful to know what the enemy's thinking.

    The Daily Mash website sell mugs and t-shirts with the tag lines "I think and therefore am not a Daily Mail reader" & "Reading the Daily Mail - like spending 20 minutes in a lunatic asylum"
  11. I think some newspaper mogul said they were not in the business of printing news; they printed what the public/punters wanted to see.
    If the DM annoys you that much, ignore them, we could have a thread on that?
  12. The Daily Mail has a circulation of one and a half million, countless more read it online. Lies presented as truth to that many people should not be ignored, it should be challenged. Especially considering the nature of those lies and how damaging they are.

    Ignorance is bliss, but it's idiotic.
  13. Cheerfully bucking up, I wasn't aware of the limitations between nations. Just to be clear though I wholeheartedly agree with the bus pass, I think it's brilliant and long may it continue. I'll be gutted if I reach pensionable age and they've stopped awarding them.

    I don't completely agree with the whole "turn off if it annoys me" concept. I certainly think that the mail deserves to exist and voice its readers laughable views but I also reserve the right, and would encourage others also, to challenge the drivel they spout seeing as people actually make decisions in their lives based on their sources of information.

    Time permitting of course, we've all got jobs on...
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  14. Beat me to it
  15. tipsoftheweek_3dm.jpg
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  16. I have fought many battles and skirmishes in life, but one has to learn.
    There are things you know about and can change
    There are things you know about and cannot change
    There are things that if you knew about them you could change
    There are things you do not know about and have no idea if you could change them or not
    So to ignore may be idiotic or just limiting stress for the battles that really piss me off or I can afford to take on. As I take all forms of so called news reporting with a pinch of salt, I do not get too stressed about them, I tend to read a variety of news outlets including watching TV news and somewhere amongst them all will be the truth, may be. If you would like to march on all of those which are not smack on the money for the truth I think you would have a big battle on your hands, if you chose to vent your frustration about the DM feel free if that’s a battle you have chosen then good luck to you.
    Now here is a report, getting close to release, it has taken awhile to produce, Chilcot: criticism to spread beyond Blair's inner circle. Was this brought about because of lies, to justify an end? Smoking gun was the claim, which cost many lives or because a possible abuse of power, lies, smoke and mirrors, bullying and other underhanded work sent us off to a conflict we did not necessarily need to be in? Did any news outlet or could any news outlet tell us the truth at the time?
  17. The problem here is one of two parts:

    1. Confirmation bias. The Daily Wail has a certain readership that it will pander to in order to sell advertising space. It will have rejected stories that do not fit in with this presumed mind-set and will alter others via alliteration or comment to convert it towards the direction they know their clientèle would like it. Two sides to every story etc etc.

    2. Piss poor journalism now almost but not yet totally reliant on using social media and / or other sources to raise copy to report. No actual input from the DM, just re-packaging.

    The first was always there, the latter is due to cost constraints as the printed media continues it's inexorable downward spiral to irrelevancy and finally oblivion.

    Interest piqued, I Googled the headline quoted in the report by putting in "female reporter attacked by mob" - immediately it came up with the top link to the DM, dated 2 days ago. Clicked on it and . . . it has been removed. But I noticed that the "raw" footage was on YouTube, so clicked on that and it had the same sensationalist approach - woman attacked by mob etc. Then I noticed that it had been pulled from Reddit.

    So there we have it. DM have probably pulled it now that it has been pointed out to them that the original slant from whichever source they pulled it from was inaccurate. Actually, kudos to them. But it does highlight how much their presumption that all smelly foreigners are brutal misogynistic savages is so easily fed by the pure tsunami of shite that pervades "social media" these days. And they are not the only ones. Do what I did and you will see that quite a few sites have reported / linked it with the same biased approach.

    The first tenet of journalism was to verify the facts and accuracy of a story before printing - now it seems they have neither the means nor wherewithal to bother. Shame, and all it will do is re-confirm the general impression that the media is no more than a clearing-house for crap off the 'Net so why bother with them. In fact, they should be upping standards, not fighting each other in the race to dumb down even further. Otherwise they become nothing more than this:

    Now son.jpg
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  18. In Waitrose this morning I spent an hour observing which newspapers were taken free of charge and by whom.
    Well! Most taken were Daily Mail's by customers in this affluent, leafy part of Surrey. All well-dressed and not short of a bob or two. You won't get a house around here for under 750,000 GBP.
    So what's wrong with them? Thick?Racist? Anti Armed Forces? Or merely wanting to see the other point of view toward enlightenment?

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