Daily Express

1.Back in the day in a Durham village church a vicar was making a passionate sermon about the myths of villagers seeing ghosts.
2.“Have any of you ever seen a ghost,if so raise your hands?” none raised.
3.“Have any of you ever spoken to a ghost?” no hands raised
4.“Have any of you ever even made love to a ghost as it's complete nonsense?”
To his amazement five Farmers at the back raised their hands.
The vicar was shocked and said” Are you really telling me you lot have made love to a ghost??”
They replied “Sorry your Worship we thought you said Goats!”

Now that's an old joke but why on earth did the Daily Express devote a whole inside page to Anne Diamonds report that she didn't buy a house because she saw a ghost there?
Is this journalism?or just a way for another failed celebrity to get her name in the paper?
At present there is a prize in the USA of near a million dollars that's been running for over ten years or more as an award to anyone who can prove the existence of a Ghost,it's unclaimed!
So why give this stupid story page time?
I worked the pits for a year and that is a scary place when you work in places where miners have been killed but we never thought of ghosts in fact doing watch keeping on those mothballed destroyers in the Solent late 50's was a scarier place, having to go down the bilges to check for leakages was scary aged 17.
I still reckon there is no more eerier place than a deserted WW2 ship especially as the daytime working party used to leave dummies dressed in No 8's hanging from a beam! but I never thought of gosts.
I think I'll stop buying the papers if this is kind of trash we have to put up with.
Already I mostly watch CNN news instead of the UK with bloody John Snow and the rest of the BBC liberal tossers.
Just ranting but it will be a while before I buy the Express again.
seafarer1939,if you read the article again you'll see there is a reference about Anne Diamond being a presenter on a Channel Five show.Channel Five is owned by the same tosser as the Daily Express thereby giving the opportunity to plug one of the shows.Simple innit!
Thanks for that,I never thought to read on after a few lines,it says it all really.
Our Turkish friend is out of bounds to us all,he can have his cafe type poncy drinks salon but not for us.
He won't make it,a northern winter is not conducive to sitting out side sipping wine unless of course he provides Hooka pipes in the pub with Waccy Baccy in them! I fear not!

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