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Daft birds


War Hero
A dit for you all:

A few years ago this lad we worked with, Adji, copped off with this bird from behind the bar. Went back to hers and had a shag. Nothing strange so far. Then at about four in the morning she got out of bed and started dancing naked round the bedroom singing 'Son Of A Preacher Man'. 8O

Anyway he left shortly after and told us all about it the next day.

A week later a few of us were sat round on a Vodka Red Bull session when this other lad, Taff, turns up at about five in the morning. He sits down and says "You would not fucking believe what's just happened." He then starts to tell us how he'd copped off with this girl from behind the bar. He then says she got out of bed and in unison we all shouted "Son Of A Preacher Man!!!". He looked dead shocked and said "How the fuck did you know that?" so we told him what had happened the previous week.

Anyway, this girl went and did it again the next month with another lad.

Anyone else come across strange post-coital habits?
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