Daft American comedies

witsend said:
I'm a big fan of daft American comedies, road trip, superbad, balls of fury etc etc. Watched another today, Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay. I was giggling like a mad dentist who sniffs his own gas. Anyone with the same sense of humour recommend any hidden gems I may have missed.

My entry for the RR calendar.
It isnt a yank comedy but if you want a real giggle watch the inbetweeners on channel 4 about teenagers antics at school. Hilarious!!
Pineapple Express has one of the daftest/most hysterical fight scenes I've ever seen. 2 stoner dudes on the run from mad drug dealers, hitmen and the need to show commitment to Girlfriends etc, very funny.
Mrs NZB said it was daft after 10 minutes and sloped off to bed, so another solid endorsement there then. :wink:
I think american humour is shite and the timing of the canned laugher even worse. What's so funny about someone picking up a knife and fork at dinner? the man with the laughter machine obviously thinks it hilarious.
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