DAEDALUS by the Booty Band

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Totally agree Great piece of music. I've got the video that was made to accompany the first performance at the Mountbatten Festival of Music earlier this year. It's actually a good video produced by pusser.

    If anyone can let me know how to get it on here I could post it. Currently a WMA on my hard disk.
  2. Put it on youtube and then link us matelo99 :thumbleft:
  3. Daedalus................ah memories
  4. I took an ex-Wafoo around the whole area recently to revisit his former crime scenes.

    Among the shared impressions were how bland Lee looks sans Tower....

    A VG SUPR day out & I was unexpectedly rewarded with a whole bottle of ye Famous Grouse lubricant on our return!!

    This was most gratefully & humbly accepted and I discovered that there was still one good Wafoo left standing. :p

    Any one else requiring a similar Local Guided Tour with a running-off-at-the-mouth-commentary?

    Please PM me, Terms as above :twisted:

    PS Music? I heard some very loud drums the next day.....
  5. Daedalus is on the main RN site, narrated by John Humphreys:
    RN Site
  6. Ah ! Yes Incorporated in the score he has put in the Bugle call " Hands to Flying Stations" aka by the fisheads as " Airy Fairy Airy Fairy to the flight deck you must go" :D :D Nice one Bandy
  7. Does the 'Bun Penny' (?) still exist ?

    Served 6 months there in GS Ships Coy in '78 prior to release.

  8. Yes, some changes since then but enjoyed an excellent pub lunch very recently.

  9. I wonder whether this might actually be possible now that the site runs on new software?
  10. What about The Swordfish?

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