Dad wouldnt shut the **** up so i threw him outta a window

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nastyman, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. :rambo:

    So last night im chillin with the crew, decide to check out some new bar in town, some kinda redneck sh1t, ugly assed [email protected] wearing leather waistcoats n sh1t. spend more on a silk tie than these b1tches spent on their rusty assed trucks.

    Walk in, got every guys eyes on me, im infamous around here son. Get a table and order in some beers, on the house of course. Notice some guys across the room hollering about some sh1t so i walk over, turns out some local pussy is arm wrestling for cash, thinsk he hot sh1t, $10 a go. I lay down $1,000, and take a seat. Grip up and my arm damn near blocked out the sunlight, eclipsed his ass. I gave him a couple seconds to feel like a big man, highlight of his pathetic life, thinking hes got a chance with my strong assed self, next thing he knows SLAM bust his arm down, snapped his wrist in two, he starts screamin n sh1t, ruining my buzz so i knock him the **** out with a chair and order some more beers.

    Me n the crew go back to my house, suppin some premium brew in my room, got some loud ass music on, next thing i know my dads banging at tht door, shouting some sh1t.Open the door and he starts gettin in my face about the music, telling me to shut the hell up. My pussy dad is aways trying sh1t with me tryin to look like a big man in front of my crew. Im about ready to knock him out, crews on my back telling me to wreck his skull so i grab him in a headlock and start running round the room. Crews hollering n sh1t seein his weak assed legs wiggling like a b1tch, hes whining like a pussy to let him go but i got his neck locked up in my polska grip and this b1tch aint going nowhere.

    Swinging him around slammin his ass into walls n sh1t but hes still actin like a ****ing b1tch., wont shut the hell up so i think "**** this sh1t" and throw his ass right outta the window. About now crews on the floor laughing seeing my pussy dad go flyin head first. Hear him hit the dirt like a sack o sh1t so had a llook out the window and see him on the floor,, He aint moving so we throw some beer cans at his head n he starts crawling to the door moaning n sh1t.

    Havent seen his ass since, ducked me at breakfast. B1tch had it coming, he wont try sh1t again. Im the man of ths house son.
    100% natural jacked, no proteins, you only got 1 liver
  2. Aww, so no more computer time then? Shame, we will all miss your blog ;)
  3. I do hope you get all these postings and bring them together into a book, I am sure you could be up for a Booker prize, if not a good anal rogering by the literati................
  4. Translation please.. anyone?
  5. Yes and if you come near me in Liverpool I shall braise the bastard wrapped in some smoked streaky bacon with some diced shallots and a little port.

    Us ex Navy Chefs make Hannibal the Cannibal quiver.

  6. :thumright:
  7. It’s the hardest course in the Navy, to date, no ones ever passed it.

  8. Translation:

    Last night I was relaxing with my man-friends so we decided to visit the new gay bar, lots of men in leather jackets with not nice bottoms. I spend more on silk things that go round my neck than these female dogs spend on their bottom cars.

    When I walked in, all the men were eyeing me up as people know what I am like where I live. We sat down and got some free drinks - it's that sort of place. I was eyeing some nice men across the room talking loudly, so I went over to say hi and it seems that they are doing things with their arms for money - something about faeces for $10. I offered him $1,000, and sat down. I braced myself and everything started to go dark, around his bottom. I waited a short while and let him believe he stands a chance around my bottom, the next thing he knows his arm has started hurting and it is in faeces. He passed out and we had a drink.

    We went home and had some drinks and listened to some music. Then father asks me to keep the noise down - something about a lot of banging and faeces. He comes in and something about kissing to the music and asking me not to say anything. My feminine Father is always doing faeces things with me in front of my friends and makes his member look large. I am ready to make him unconscious, my nice friends are asking me to be physical with him so I hold him round the neck and we roll round my room. My friends are enjoying this and watching us writhing around. He is making noises like a cat but we still hold on and we are staying here - something also about doggy and on heat.

    We roll about and I am hitting his bottom hard and there is a lot of faeces but he is still making like a doggy and is making noises. I then also get his bottom outside. My friends are still enjoying it. He is dirty like a lot of faeces and is asleep so we have more beer and he starts moaning again.

    I want to see his bottom again but he was bending over at breakfast. As he won't give me faeces again, it was the turn of the female dog to do the coming. Im the most masculine man in my houseold, young man.
  9. Re: Dad wouldnt shut the **** up so i threw him outta a wind

    Gash barge along-side
  10. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    blah blah blah.......
  11. Anyone else suspect 'Nastyman' of being an alter-ego for a regular RR member...? Or an ARRSE infiltrator?
  12. He's on the otehr sites as AngryMan.............think he has a few issues!

    As for the above, you do talk sh*t, you have to be taking steriods to spout the b0ll0x you have done!
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Its a cut and paste job from somewhere....
  14. Re: Dad wouldnt shut the **** up so i threw him outta a wind

    Nastyman, you do come from Newfoundland. (Canadas answer to the Appalachians) Anyone got the duelling banjo music? :tp:

    Sorry spelling ^_^;
  15. Or just a plain cock?
  16. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    just because this is appearing on a Canuck site doesn't preclude it from being cut and pasted somewhere closer to home......
  17. I don't know what all the fuss and toy throwing is about, I find her quite funny :D
  18. Re: Dad wouldnt shut the **** up so i threw him outta a wind

    Is it possible to do an IP check then report it to the IP . I forget the routine but I did it when getting lots of attacks . Mind you the attacks were not harmless as this guy is , they were TH type attacks
  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    says it all really....
  20. Re: Dad wouldnt shut the **** up so i threw him outta a wind

    MODS can usually see the IP of the poster anyway mate ;)

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