Da***it they sank my ship!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by American_Squid, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Grrrrrr,

    12 years since I retired from the Great Grey Canoe Club and the idjits took my last vessel out to sea and used her for a sink-ex. There's something downright unholy about this!

    June 13th, they dragged her out into the deep waters, anchored her like a sacrifice to Neptune and then shot her full of holes, bombed her and shot missles at her. When they ran out of ammo, she wouldn't go down on her own, so they CHEATED and blew her bottom out with scuttling charges. I guess I should be proud - she didn't give up without a fight. Here's a toast to you mighty Belleau Wood, may I sail your shade again once I leave these Eartly Realms!

    Do you guys do barbaric crap like this to your proud old ladies?
  2. Squid

    Yeah man 'fraid they do, sunk a couple of my old ships as 'target's to test weapons on! Or so they say! One fine old girl they actually used the weapons that she spent her proudest moments avoiding - if the baddies can't get her we can! just who's side are they on??

    Mind you they now remove the names and pennent numbers to 'save the embarasment' to guys who served on these vessels - but hell once you've served on a ship you know her distinguishing marks that make her different so it's kind crap at it's best!

    Hey they sank the frigate 'Scylla' as a reef for divers to play on and she's reaping a fine revenge, kill a couple of divers every now and then!! Revenge is sweet!!
  3. Its a shame to see these once proud and great ships die an ignoble death.But what do we do with them?You can only keep so many ships as Museums etc.eventually the Sea will reclaim and recycle them.Sad but its a problem.
  4. As one who served on Scylla, I'd rather she'd been saved as part of the heritage industry, but being sunk as a reef is eminently better than being pulled apart on some Indian beach for recycled steel.
  5. Aye Shipmate, when I was a young lad, I knew an old retired seadog (Sh*tfitter) that lived across the road. He used to tell me stories about the USS Oriskany - first vessel I knew personally, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to join one day. Just a few months ago they reefed her here in Pensacola Florida (Cradle of Naval ((US anyway)) Aviation). She's already had her first bite in her first week on the bottom.

    So... now I'm two for two, the first ship I knew and the last ship I sailed on - it's a sad thing. Worse for me I think is that the Belleau Wood's sisters are still sailing the ocean, she was a mere babe at 30 years of age. Not sure which is worse - an honorable euthanization in the deep clean waters or being picked over by a buncha Civvies plucking her apart a bit at a time.
  6. I'll grant you being scrapped like a misbegotten freighter has GOT to be the most ignoble end for a proud Man-O-War. I just looked your lady up, she looked to be a real greyhound. They used to call us the Death Star when we sailed in formation, she was anything but a greyhound but she was an inspiring sight surrounded by the rest of the ARG!

    Wish I'd never retired some days, there is just nothing like being far out in the big water on a big ship!
  7. Sorry to hear about your ol' Gator Freighter, A_S.
    Although I was a Marine, I spent some of the best days of my career deployed with my squadron (VMA(AW)-533) aboard the USS John F Kennedy. I'm waiting to hear about her pin getting pulled.
    Bad enough they binned the best attack bomber the Navy/Marine Corps ever had! (The A-6E Intruder).
  8. Just wondering what will happen to the Invincible
  9. well sell it to the indians!
  10. In this age of penny pinching they'll no doubt try to flog it and use the money to subsidise some other department.

  11. same as streaky, as a ex scylla rate I am more than happy to see her being put to a new use rather than seeing her dragged up a beach and cut up in India like I think they did with another love of my life the CLEOPATRA.

    Do you think the divers could give the exocet craddles a lick of paint when they are down there ??? it was hard enough when she was afloat !!!.
  12. When I was on 809 squadron HMS Ark Royal (the big one) we were offered first shoot at the US Navy target ship in Roosevelt Roads. It was an ex warship filled with ping pong balls to keep her afloat after being hit. One Buccaneer later and 4 2" RP pods fired the ship went straight to the bottom. 809 were not top of the USN Christmas card list.
  13. Runaground - when were you on the CLEO? Not for her US deployment?
  14. You mean the 86 one?
  15. Squid - they'll sink as much as they can now, partly to avoid the problems of reserve ships building up at Philly & Bremerton, but also because dumping them on the second hand market knocks out a lot of export new-build opportunities (though sadly mainly for Mr MEKO....).

    What is astonishing is the rate at which you guys are getting through Spruances - I think something between 15-20 of a class of 31 have been deep-sixed already and most of the rest are tagged to go the same way.

    Fishmeister - I suspect Invincible will end up wherever Fearless & Intrepid go. Hopefully in Hartlepool if those clueless gimps in the local council have their refusal to let Able break up ships there overturned.

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