Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. So I am back on the mainland! That always brings a grin in Eire.

    Blue flashing lights plod asks me to step into the car. Shows me the screen informs me that DVLC hook up states that your car is not taxed or insured.

    So whats that on the front screen I asks plod do you have your insurance documents he asks. Doe anybody?

    Except in Eire where it has to be on display on the front windscreen.

    Produce your driving license and documents at the police station he tells me.

    So I meets one of those civvy jumped little girls at the police desk full of her own importance. On producing that plastic driving license card this person then informs that is not your driving license where is the sheet with all your items on. You may have endorsments!

    So when you board a RYAN AIR flight that card is your driving license but not for this jumped up little girl. Who needs to go on a course on manners!

    Told her I wouldn't know where to look for that sheet. So you are refusing to look the prat states. I can feel the BP rising at this stage.

    I will now have to caution you she states. Hang on I thought a caution was for criminals not somebody who has been pulled up by blue flashing lights to be informed you have no tax which is on the front windscreen and no insurance which I have.

    So those who are plods or ex plods what is a driving license.

  2. Come on BP get real. This is motoring, not murder, not rape, not robbery, a motor car.
    It's totally irrelevent and beside the point that all your documents are in order.

    No other crime bring in money, and the only reason the police are there is 'to help fill the treasury coffers'. That is backed up by the response time of them to a call for assistance - 'maybe if we have time after our coffee, but here's a number just in case our shift finishes before the rain stops', whereas if that call had said my neighbors brake light is not working, they would have been there within seconds, dozens of em.

    They will examin your situation with the finest toothed comb to try and find 'something, anything' if they can, and it will earn a few quid.


    Leeblease's 'Mindless Scum' endorses what I have said
  3. Backpacker, I'll try to help...and welcome to the mainland !

    I don't know any legislation from Eire and not sure of cross border issues, however, "on the mainland" the newer License comes in 2 parts, a credit card type license (which is your license) and a counterpart, a written document where any points or disqualification would be entered.

    Unless you are being given a fixed penalty or any other matter where points may be awarded there should be no requirement to produce your counterpart - if she said she needed to know about any endorsements, unless you had committed offences where you would get more points it's irrelevent and if she implied you may be disqualified the old bill would have known that if they checked you out as well as your car, hence not needing to produce the counterpart.

    In relation to the caution, this should be given as soon as it is suspected you MAY have committed an offence, so she MAY have been right in doing so but don't get hung up on it...unless you have no license, insurance or MOT of course.

    And to finish off, I agree, and most plod would agree, that we are providing a crap service at the moment because of the way the government insist we operate - most of us are not happy with priorities either but the government keep giving new targets and massaging figures to make it look like crime is reducing !!

    Hope that helps...now where did I put my handuffs and donuts?
  4. Exactly! I have commited nothing just driving along flashing lights you have no road tax well what is that on the front windscreen a mince pie!!!

    And why should I have be given a caution like some piss head scum bag who has just stuck the nut on somebodies nut!

    I thought a caution was when you whre on the verge of an arrest??

    The place is shite. Now what time is that flight!!
  5. BackPacker,

    If they insist on giving you a caution, dont accept it.

    Accepting the caution is admission of guilt.

    Tell them to take it through the courts.
  6. Take what through the courts??
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hookie has lost the plot.
    Wrong sort of caution mate
  8. Contributor Mode


    Do try to hire a car in the UK then cos unless you have both parts of the licence paper and plastic NO CAR.

    The plastic part of your licence is not a D/L to Ryan Air its a form of ID. They would also accept your passport between Eire and UK but us on Mainland Europe we won't let you in without a passport.

  9. Is UK the only stupid country in Europe [or the Word] whereby you have to have plastic AND a piece of paper?
    Oh silly me.....it means the system can employ more jobsworth to over see the complicated sytem.
    If I was you mate, I would bűgger off to Morroco and buy a licence there.
    [easily done allegedly]
  10. Any EU licence is valid in another EU country. However if you are resident in another country then your licence should show an address in that country.
    You cannot put a foreign address on a licence.
    A UK licence holder living in Spain would therefore have to keep a copy of his registration with the local government (padron) with him to prove his Spanish address.
    I have a Spanish licence but the records show that I also have a UK one even though I don't have it in my possession (It was taken away twenty or so years ago when I got the Spanish one).
    Thus traffic infringements in the UK could still count against my UK licence even though I don't have possession of it.
    And no I don't have another piece of paper and I get 12 points on my licence to start with, another three are added if I am not a naughty boy for three years, a little incentive the UK could be aware of.
    Points are taken off, not added, for infringements.
    You must also if resident in a country other than your licence adopt the rules and regs of the country you are resident in. Thus, a UK licence holder living in Spain and over the age of 40 must have a five yearly eye and reaction test for his licence to be valid. A Spanish licence holder resident in the UK can go merrily along until he is seventy, but without the tests will be illegal should he return to Spain.
    Likewise if you own a car that is registered in an EU country other than the one you are resident in, that car must be legal (mot, tax etc) in its' country of registration to be legal in the country of residence. Thus all those UK registered cars running around europe without tax or mot's are not legal. All the mainland registered cars here in the UK that have not returned to the country of their registration for donkeys are also technically illegal; their insurance could be invalid.
    Clear? I hope so as there will be question lateer

  11. Just to make the D/L bit clearer about a UK Licence in EC Land. I have been in contact with DVLC about change of address here is their reply.


    I regret that we are unable to issue a GB licence showing an address outside Wales, Scotland or England.

    Drivers who take up residence in another EC/EEA country no longer have to exchange their driving licence, but may continue to drive using their own national licence for as long as is remains valid. You should however check with the appropriate driving licensing authorities where you are now resident for information on any conditions that the host member state may stipulate.

    National licences may only carry an address from the country which issued that licence. We are therefore unable to re-issue your British licence with a foreign address. It is accepted that drivers who move to another part of the EC/EEA could be holding driving licences showing an incorrect address. This is permissible under the terms of the EC Directive on Driving Licences.

    I trust this clarifies the position.


    Mrs T Matthews


    I phoned them and asked what would happen if I lost or my current D/L it was stolen, how would I obtain a new one. The reply was, "we would not issue you a new licence excepet to the address shown in UK," to which I no longer have access. I would either have to get a Spainish Licence or move back to UK and have a UK address to which they would issue the D/L.

    It not all as simple as it sounds.

  12. Hello Nutty
    If you want to keep your UK licence then ensure you have a photocopy of your padron with you (they are now valid five years).
    According to trafico the guardia will except that as proof of a residence (given they no longer issue residencias) in Spain, and proof of your address.
    Better still, get a Spanish licence as the record of you having a UK one, should you return to the island, will still be on DVLC records.
    If you keep your UK licence and are permanently resident in Spain then you should have the eye/reactions tests as per Spanish rules; something I wish the UK would emulate.
    Which is just about exactly what you have already said.
    I am sure with the lack of borders that there must be millions of people around not aware of things.
    You have to really watch it vis a vis your insurance though. I know that in Catalunya the Mossos are well aware of the mot/car tax thing and regularly impound UK, and other country, registered vehicles.
    It really is all about as clear as fog, but, on the cards at last is harmonisation of licences requirements across the EU; 2012 is supposed to be the date.
    Spanish pragmatism usually wins the day.
  13. I have a Residentia Card valued until 2011 so no problem.

  14. Good for you and good to see those photos...
    Am looking forward to my Catalan christmas; black pudding and sweet wine, beef stew with lentils.
    You should here the explosion down your way :wink:

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