D-I-Y Guide to Seemingly Innocent Questions



Young thruster poses a SIQ but at the same time exposes a lack of worldliness.

The ensuing Open Season attracts the witty, salty & seasoned from the woodwork; repartee follows with much WTF huffing, puffing, prams/toys, ad nauseum.

Seasoned & salty old queens - :roll: Grrrr, Search, CDF, FFS, When-I-was-on-the-Massive, whatever is the world coming to? Hurrrumph etc etc

Young thrusters - Why are some at RR so cruel? Is this really what I'm letting myself in for? I can be cheeky back; so there, ya boo sucks!

Lurkers - Those greenhorns are a touchy lot and the RR responses are soooo 'varied'. More popcorn please, Ma ....chompf chompf chompf

Moderators Yawn collectively and dream of those action-filled days of Ron Jeremy, Nailz, Clown Puncher etc.

Deja Vu anyone?
We have,in the pub,a well dressed business man,who has his own thriving Law firm who,in reply to most questions is "Rubber gloves and Red high heels always work for me!"
No-one knows what the Feck he is talking about but here's the Question;
"I see that twat Obama is here changing his tune"
Answer from him "I wonder if his wife uses rubber gloves on him and wears red high heels at the same time!"
People are getting pretty fecked off at him for these replies but he's harmless and who knows when you need a lawyer!
I personally think he's had a magical experience at some knocking shop down Newcastle's Bigg Market and can't forget it,maybe still goes there.
The mind boggles or is it a standard thing nowadays? not for me although I do like naked women with red high heels above my shoulders! or I did!
Seafarer, the naked women above your shoulder in the Bigg Market, are actually men. The knocking shops are all situated in Pink Lane. As it is closer to the Central station for a quick getaway. And rather conveniently, it's closer to the new walk in NHS thingy just over the road. And it was a bugger to walk all the way into town in red high heels to clock on every night....
Adrift! you are on my turf! I know Pink Lane better than anyone for the simple fact is, in Forth St. adjacent to Pinks there was a Casino called Tiberius I was the Boss there for 7 years! I know all about the goings on in Pink Lane!Especially the Forth pub on the corner, for boxing fans the only boozer in England ever owned by a Heavyweight boxing champion"Tommy Burns, creamed by Jack Johnson!"
I loved to work in sleazy areas,Southampton Tiberius was in the middle of the Red light area,illuminated dolls in the windows lying down meant they were busy standing up,come on in!
Ain't been with men period especially in red high heels,I think I would have noticed apart from Bugis S.!!
THE WITSEND - depending on the mood.

1) Ignore them.
2) Occasionally give a helpful answer.
3) Give them ******* shit from day one post one.
4) Humour them.
5) Get in with the first reply and basically lie like ****. This is normally sunk by the goody two shoes who populate here.
Don't forget option 6.
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