'D' Day

Discussion in 'History' started by whitemouse, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. No, not the Invasion of France, but a more memorable one, ay least for the olduns !!

    We are fast approaching the D (eath of the Tot) Day....

    July 31 1970

    The NN is running a chance for some lucky people to win a Bottle of Wood's Rum (nowhere near the same stuff but acceptable under the circumstances ;) ), if they provide can anecdote or two etc in what happened on that day.

    I'm sure some of us here could provide a lot of tales on this subject ?

  2. We used Wood's at the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review as a sustitute, but drinking it out of the galley's Hobart Mixer may have contributed to the lack of taste - didn't stop us drinking it though !

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