D-Day Veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by janner, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. :thumbright: and donated.

    Takes the Public and the papers to get it going.

    And McBroon and his cronies try to jump on the wagon .....yet another nail in the coffin of this disreputable bunch (probably thought the amount paid out would dent their expenses)!
  3. They made sacrifices to defend this country. This is the laest that should be done. After all if we can give £50+ billion to bail out the private sector banks then what is a few hundred thousand for veterans.
  4. 100% correct. There are fewer and fewer of the veterans left each year. My own Dad died 11 years ago and was part of the D Day landings. He was on HMS Qualicombe.
  5. Surely there must be something that can be donw to get these guys back out to Normandy one more time!!!! :x
  6. Wouldnt take much for the goverment to hire a cross channel ferry for all the old boys are their carers etc or even a smally cruise ship.
  7. Could it be that the government is embarrassed because ALL that these brave men fought for is being gradually eroded by mis government? :twisted:
  8. This Government is despicable at the best of times and to now try and jump on the bandwagon just proves it , I have nothing but utter contempt for them , shameful bxxxxxxxxxs the lot ,
    Good luck to the campaign to get the Veterans over the Channel ... :salute:
  9. Having listened to the Armed Forces minister squirming on Radio 4 trying not to admit that it was all about loss of national "face" rather than veterans' celebrations (as France is making a fuss in 2010 and Obama will be attending) - what about the RAF's and RN's 65th anniversaries ?

    The squirming minister said that the government would provide money for suitable anniversaries - so the headline RAF and RN ones should be in line. The RAF chose to celebrate the Battle of Britain (1940) - so they have "missed" the 65th, but the RN chose the Battle of the Atlantic, nominally in 1943 - so that means NOW !

    So shouldn't the RN be organising a 65th WW2 celebration for this summer ?

  10. To read about the AF Minister yatter and bumble on about 'landmark celebrations' was :pukeright: to say the least.

    I would think that each D Day anniversary that the veterans reach should be considered a 'landmark' in all aspects of the word, and funded accordingly - but we know what this 'government' would prefer to fund, don't we?

    Also it now seems that the Lottery has found some funding - Surprise surprise!!
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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