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D-day meteorology


In the lead-up to D-day the Admiralty positioned two ships to the west of the UK to provide regular weather reports. Their approximate positions were:


The ships wre on position for a week or so before 6 June. I appreciate this is all very vague, but is there any way of identifying the ships involved?


No guarantees but you could get hold of a copy of Staggs 'Forecast for Overlord' (isbn 0711002517). It could be mentioned in there.


Thanks for the suggestion but that's no use I'm afraid; he simply refers to:

"one ship south of Iceland and the other north of the Azores."

I have copies of the Met Office maps for the period, which is how I'm able to identify the the approximate positions. I've also acces to his orginal diary, but that doesn't help as that doersn't include such details.

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