Cyril's Reunion. A tribute to Cyril Tawney

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Canaldrifter, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. I've just uploaded a video to YouTube. Hope you old matelots enjoy it:

    PS I am aware that some of the images are not of RN vessels!

  2. Forever in your debt, doubtless the submariners on the forum will shed a tear. (Soft fcukers)
  3. Thanks................Enjoyed that
  4. It was pleasure to meet Cyril on two occasions, both times he was a guest at the "Dartmoor Folk Festival" A really lovely man, he laughed when I took the piss, him being a tiff an all that.
  5. There was an occasion in the late 80s, when an uckers gathering at Nigel Matimong's house in Chesham, included Nigel himself (ex REA1), Cyril Tawney (ex EA2), myself (ex AA1), another ex REA1, (a friend of Nigel's who I didn't know), Johnny Collins, not ex RN, but one of the country's greatest shanty singers, (ex Singapore) and Chris Snook, another powerful shanty singer.

    Cyril was very competitive. We included suck-backs and blow-backs. (FAA rules?) Mixy blobs were rife. Considerable rum was consumed. It was a great evening.

    We lost Cyril in 2005, Johnny in 2009, and Nigel last year. Nigel was also a great performer of Cyril Tawney songs, especially Lean Unwashed Tiffy (track one on the Special Brew CD) and the A25 song.

    I miss all those guys very much.

  6. Had the privilege of meeting Cyril at the Thurso Folk Festival when I was up training post Nuclear Long Course. A relly great bloke. When he saw some RN people he sang a few for us, eg Sammy the Rat, Diesel and Shale, Lean and Unwashed Tiffy and Grey Funnel Line. Great night, great bloke.
  7. Cyril's Reunion has now been adopted as a Cyril Tawney Tribute on THE
    leading and most informative folk music site:

    Cyril Tawney (1930-2005)

    I'm rather chuffed about that.

    The CD is selling too, which is nice.


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