Cyril Tawney Songs. The Dover Lock PH, Abram, Wednesday

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Canaldrifter, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. This Wednesday, 12th Dec., 9pm, our folk duo (plus one) will be informally performing in the bar at the Dover Locks PH, (canalside), on the A573 south of Abram near Wigan. It is free.

    J23 M6, turn east on the East on the East Lancs Road.
    First roundabout tun north A573.
    Go through Golborne, bear left at mini roundabout.

    The Dover Locks PH is on the left of a sharp right hand bend on to the canal bridge, (30mph limit) about a quarter of a mile south of Abram.

    WN2 5XX

    The landlord is struggling to keep the pub going, so we are trying to do something to help.

    The songs will be based upon the sea (Cyril Tawney songs too), road, and canal, plus some trad stuff too.

    The group 'Press-gang' was popular around the home counties in the 1980s, and we did our first reunion gig in Eastbourne last Wed. night. It went well, and we got invited back, so we must be getting something right!

    Colin Moore, a comedy singer-songwriter from Upper Alderley will be in support.

    Anyone from RumratioN who is in the area is very welcome, especially if you sing or play. Plenty of parking around the back of the pub.

    btw the pub food is the best I have ever sampled anywhere.
  2. Further to this, if anyone has seasonal leave, is at a loose end and fancies some winter inland boating, I will be moving my narrowboat from Wigan down the Trent & Mersey canal towards Stone in the next coupla weeks. Onboard hardy crew are always welcome.

    Phone me: 07930 419981
  3. Hi Canal Drifter,

    I am in Skem, where you berthed?

    Are you near Wigan Pier, sorry just realised, are you by the Dover Locks

    I thought it was a "Lean and Unwashed Tiffy up from Portland Town"

  4. My wife has always wanted a Narrow Boat Holiday, she's had a few vodkas and would love to join you.

    How long do you need her for?
  5. Yes, by Dover Locks. Give me a bell if you're interested. I should be aboard by New Years Eve, until about 7th Jan.

    Tel: 07930 419981
  6. If she can handle a windlass while pissed, about 5ft 6ins.
  7. See above.
  8. well bugger me.

    i used to live in Abram (left in 79)

    i remember that pub, they used to have two highland coo's (cows) in a field next door. i was too young to ever go in the the pub. but i do remember it well.
  9. CD, nice to see you back posting. I was worried that you'd absconded again! ;) :biggrin:
  10. Naah..... just spending a lot of time aboard, and I don't go online whilst afloat, unlike all the modern day matelots on 'ere.
  11. Take it getting Broadband on a narrow boat is a tad expensive.
    Reason I don't have a telephone in my bungalow in Wales.
  12. Slim it's not the cost. How do you get broadband on a narrowboat??
  13. Fcuking Long Telephone cable???
  14. Last time I tried it, it cost me about 10p a minute!

    Wifi works, but unfortunately most of it is now protected by passwords.

    But...... on the narrowboat I live in a different world. The laptop is just a word processor or an image library. The radio is the only contact with the unreal world, and that is mostly for music, no telly.

    I'd rather sit on the back of the boat with a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down, listening to the ducks..... if there is any sun.... or ducks.

  15. I'm with you on that CD
    may be worth downloading this free program to identify which wifi are available for use.

    Lets you know which sites are locked or unlocked.

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