Cyprus photo album


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Hi folks,

I put together a little photo album of North/South Cyprus, social, scenary from 2005 till now.

Photo Album

Enjoy xx

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Backpacker1uk said:
Are those your cats JD????
Ha lol I wish, they were ever so friendly. No, they belonged to a man (well not belonged but kept him company) who had a little taverner aka a hut with an oven and a fridge and a table outside :dwarf:

He fed them and looked after them, his story, he would continue to tell us. He had lived in Nicosia pre-1974 as a Cypriot (not turk/greek cyp) and had a little coffee shop, him, his wife and 2 boys. He went fishing to the coast on he day of the raids and when he heard what happened, tried going home to find his family but he could not get close. He looked around as best as he could but with no luck, even tried to pass a message on through friends and family that he had managed to find.

He told them to tell his wife to meet him on the beach that he proposed to her. So he went, waited and waited and waited and waited and nothing. He built his own hut style home whilst waiting, the only thing to keep him company were the stray cats.

When everyting had settled enough to move about, he went back home but his house wasn't there, all he found was his boy's toys and some dusty photos of him and his family.

He never did find them, to this day he still resides up in that shack type house, well, his taverna does, he built a proper house behind it and has lived there since, with only cats to keep him company.

Sad story and you can see a lost look in his eyes, he adores those cats and treats them like family.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks for sharing the photos JennyDabber...took me back 50 years when I was drafted to HMS Aphrodite two days after they deported Archbishop Makarios back in March 1956. Lived under canvas in Kykko Camp whilst watchkeeping at MHQ Nicosia; travelling back and fro in a Bedford 30cwt with RM escort. :rambo: Was loaned to the Patrol Boat squadron for four months as an additional sparker, patrolling from Famagusta to Kyrenia...ten days on patrol then five days in shacked up in the Beach Guest House in Famagusta :thumright: hell I was a good swimmer in those days :nemo: ...drafted up to Episkopi for the Suez fiasco. Great island and certainly one of the best drafts I ever had even though we were always aware of the EOKA threat and living accommodation was a little rough on times. :whew:

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Ah, that was my boss on her hen night last yr in sept up in ayia napa, quality night!


Many thanks for the great photos, I will be thinking about you in the sand when I am in the snow, best wishes from north norway :rendeer:


I was on PB4 around this time and also some time at Kykko Camp working at the Nicosia MHQ. Also spent time at Episcopi where I met my late wife who was in the WRAF. I remember Geoff Colclough who was a good mate who took over the Tel job on PB4. We were at Limassol for the change over. Happy memories of the hotel in Famagusta. In retirement I often go bck to N Cyprus and stay near Kyrenia where we used to refuel the boat from 5 gal jerry cans. The captain was Williams who eventually became and international yachtsman. TeeDee

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