Cyprus hits Earthquake back!!!


The Cypriots have hit back after being struck, without provocation, by a earthquake. These plucky little people, millions of them ex-matelots forced to live out their remaining years on a meagre pussers pension, gathered in the streets on Nicolisa today and cried 'We the people of Nikolsa do swear to...' Our translator hasn't has time to translate the rest, as it's in a tongue more elusive than the Greek dual: Jackspeak. They shook their plucky hairy fists in the air, stamped their feet on the ground then all went home.

The quinsitentially Greek, idyllic village of Nicotina has a population of 1.2 million.

Jenny_Dabber said:
*cough* It's not Greek, it's Hellenic and my pension is way off *cough*

Well, OK then, but I just couldn't resist. I have this vision of Nicolsia inhabited entirely by wrens and stokers of a certain age, present company excepted. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise really, after all it is still, geologically speaking, a volcanic region with the prospect of potentially disasterous eruptions rearising in the future, as disasterous as those in ancient times. Volcanos often seem to die when they are really just lying dormant.

Here's your opportunity anyway, to make up a story of heroism and bravery on the island of Cyprus, to keep us going until we get back into flow with Hig's latest creation: the story of the Golden Stag at ? ...

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