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Cyprus blasts US of Hypocrisy


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A couple of months back, there was a bomb scare outside the US Embassy in Nicosia. Where as the USA were stating that Cyprus was supporting the Terrorism act (silly idea really, seeing as Cyp has it's own problems without supporting something else they are against), locals were claiming the individuals involved (who are Pakistanis) were annoyed that the US Embassy wouldn't grant them a visa to the states. Mind you, it was proven that the 2 men involved had some kind of link to a Terrorist group.

They have a pretty good point though, the US government should look at their own country before pointing the finger at others, what do you think?

Parties band together and accuse US of hypocrisy

IN A RARE show of consensus both opposition DISY and coalition partner AKEL yesterday agreed the US should look at itself before casting aspersions on other countries when it comes to the so-called war on terror.

In its 2006 report on terrorism released on Tuesday, the US State Department claimed that the Kongra Gel/Kurdistan Workers' Party (KGK/PKK) maintained an active presence throughout Cyprus and reportedly used the island as both a fundraising and transit point.
It was the first time the US has pointed the finger so explicitly at the government-controlled areas and, unlike the 2005 report, which does not mention the PKK, the 2006 version also has no separate section on the north.

It said experts estimated the Kurdish community in the government-controlled area to number 1,500. Among Kurdish-origin Turkish settlers in the north, the KGK/PKK reportedly also enjoyed significant support, the report said.

“Cyprus maintained that it was fulfilling all responsibilities with respect to the EU designation of the KGK/PKK as a terrorist organisation,†it added.

The report also said authorities in both the area under government control and in the area administered by Turkish Cypriots believed there was little risk the KGK/PKK would conduct operations on Cyprus and were reluctant to take any action that they perceived could make the island a potential target for PKK action.

And while the report refers to the Cyprus government’s concerns over the Council of Europe’s (CoE) report this year that Cyprus and a number of other EU countries had facilitated CIA torture flights, the State Department’s report refers to calls the CoE findings “allegationsâ€.

It also reveals that Cyprus, despite the regular anti-American rhetoric by politicians, continues to allow “blanket overflight and landing rights†to U.S. military aircraft supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

While agreeing with statements by AKEL that the US should put its own house in order, DISY assistant chairman Averoff Neophtyou also took the opportunity to take a swipe at the government for allowing the US to do whatever it wanted in Cyprus under the guise of the war on terror.

Full story

You have a good point.

Perhaps the US should look at it's self for the Government, Opposition Politicians, the Judiciary and many members of the Public especially on the East Coast supported and gave succor, arms, cash and technical assistance to terrorists for 30 years that were randomly attacking, killing, bombing both woman and children as well as Service Personnel within the UK.

We refer to of course the IRA but after 9/11 the Septics conveniently forgot that when some chicken came home to roost.

Not that Cyprus is that goody goody, shooting British house-wives in the back when out shopping some years ago. Greek Cypriot members of EOKA being responsible. Then you are to young to remember who the enemy was.


You forget that with our transatlantic cousins it is always do as I say, not do as I do, and as for Cypriots calling others hypocrits, well.

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It made me laugh though, have the US now run out of excuses that they have to turn and blame other countries?

I do realise that this country is not so innocent but then again, they do not forget easy. As once, a local said to me;

For every wrong the Brits have done on this Island, I can name a retaliation Cyprus has turned to. However, this island acts like a crazed middle aged woman than a country!
Jenny_Dabber said:
It made me laugh though, have the US now run out of excuses that they have to turn and blame other countries?

I do realise that this country is not so innocent but then again, they do not forget easy. As once, a local said to me;

For every wrong the Brits have done on this Island, I can name a retaliation Cyprus has turned to. However, this island acts like a crazed middle aged woman than a country!

That's no way to describe the PM's wife!
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