Cyprus bailout

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. State theft of people's savings. As simple as. This is what the EU is doing to people.

    A report came out earlier this year from Philip de Backer, a Belgium politician advocating the idea of EU Member States (they can't say the word "country" anymore...) stating that the EU states should take money from people's bank accounts in more prosperous countries (such as British households) and give it to the ones less well off, such as in the southern\Mediterranean countries.

    And to think that all Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour MEPs voted for this to go through. It was only UKIP and BNP who voted against.
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  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Should this thread not be in CA? It could get crayoned on. It seems a bit too sensible for here.
  3. They have certainly crossed the rubicon with this latest act of grand larceny in this tale of woe that is the EU single currency.
  4. nope I don't post anything in CA SD and PT enough said ??????:happy6::threaten:
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  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fair enough.
  6. Diamond Lills is the option for most of us wh don't give a shit=D
  7. The thing that bothers me is that if the Cypriots get away with this the UK government will think it's OK for us too.What little cash I have saved will be withdrawn tomorrow and stuffed under the mattress.
  8. It might not be such a bad idea if it goes ahead, 80% + of the money collected would be from the Russian/Bulgarian Mafia who have been using the Cypriot banks for years to launder & stow their in gotten gains within the EU.
  9. Nice interest rates !!!!!!:smile: For the Oligarchs.Cyprus bank - Deposits and savings. The best interest rate - 12.5 % OUR MAIN PARTNER - DEPOSIT-RATES.COM

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  10. I hear Putin's saying it's a dangerous plan, especially as Russia has about £20Bn invested!
  11. Have to agree with Scouse.
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  12. I feel bad for the small man in the street.
    But as Scouse mentions most of the Deposits are from wealthy Russians. Screw them.
  13. Indeed, assuming that is correct (which I am not disputing, seems logical and can't be arsed to check), very uncomfortable to have such bedfellows. At least I have the comfort in knowing that it is for totally different reasons.
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  14. Translation please! This is the first step to releiving you of any progress made to your sense of security. It has been well publicised that governments are run by socio/phsyco -paths who have no sense of empathy!

    Be worried! And if you backed Guzzler for a seat-be very worried!
  15. Please don't say things with which I agree, it makes me all uncomfortable.
  16. Well, to be fair most of the Cypriots have been a bit slow in paying tax for years so it's about time they got their arse bitten.
  17. And the 20% of people who have saved are just collateral damage?

    I pity the Brussels Eurocrats who have pushed this onto the Cypriot authorities. How do you spell "double tap"?:plotting:
  18. They appear to have reverted to plan "B"

    Not April the 1st is it? The locals Bit.
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  19. Flymo, Johnny the Merchant Seaman and myself forecasted this to the chagrin of Guzz and his hanger ons! This is the way of the future

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