Cypriot Mouse...

Does this remind you of Junior Jenny?

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According to today's Times a new species of mammal has been discovered... a Cypriot mouse... I must confess I immediately thought of Junior Jenny when I read this, but apparently...,,173-2399572,00.html


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Damn it, you find me out! Now, I have a great finding, a Cypriot cat, soon to be tiger!


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“New mammal species are mainly discovered in hotspots of biodiversity like South East Asia and it was generally believed that every species of mammal in Europe had been identified,†Dr Cucchi said. “This is why the discovery of a new species of mouse on Cyprus was so unexpected and exciting.â€

Dr Cucchi’s work has shown that the Cypriot mouse appears to predate the arrival of human beings on the island, an unusual occurrence because most other mammals endemic to Mediterranean islands died out when challenged by the presence of Man and the animals he brought with him.

And I was led to believe that Cyprus is a 'hot spot', guess I'm in the wrong country!

To be honest, the likely hood of seeing this mouse is not high, rats every where, cockroaches, massives ants.

There are a lot of rats here, the cutie pie cat above brought one home just last week!

p.s. he is part Turkish Van, only breed of cat that is willing to swim
whitemouse said:
8O - Me ? Scruffy ?? :p

Sorry Whitemouse but I was so shocked with your passport photo last night - somehow I though you were a small white furry thing with a long pink tail... :wink: :lol:

I thought you were one of these... :wink:


...or these... :)


...or one of these... :D


...even perhaps one of these... :lol:


...but not one of these... :eek:


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