Cyclops fibbed

Well, what a surprise! Just seen on ITN evening news that at Prime Minister's Question time today our illustrious leader had got his sums wrong and admitted that the Defence Budget had actually fallen on four different years.
So, is that perjury, since at the Chilcot Inquiry (sic) he stated that it had gone up year on year.

Discuss in a sane and sensible maner.
If you'd told a monstrous porky, you wouldn't pass go or collect your expenses on your way to jail.
Our political leaders, however, can just send a letter. Or should I say they can get someone to write it on their behalf, explaining they were mistaken and how much they regret the wrong information was passed.

It wasn't a lie, you understand, just the wrong information. It would have been the right information if it had been a different question.

Do you see?
A politician lying 8O Whatever next?

Linky to story on BBC news

"Asked how Mr Brown had made the mistake, Downing Street said budgets were "pretty complex" and defence was one of the biggest."

He was Chancellor of the Exchequer for 10 years and he gets confused by budgets, no wonder we're in the mess we're in now!
Before appearing before the Chilcott Inquiry Gordon Brown had weeks to prepare for the questions which he knew would include expenditure by the MOD.There is no excuse for telling untruths even if the numbers are a bit tricky.He made a deliberate attempt to deceive the Inquiry and with them the rest of the electorate.Now,I know being fibbed to by a politician is nothing new but in such a provable blatant manner is despicable.We are now told he is to write a letter saying "silly me,my mistake".So that's alright then.At least we now know how much value to put on the remainder of his evidence to Chilcott.

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