Cyclists fined for jumping lights

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Good cyclists are hard to find, most in my area ride on the payment not giving a damn about pedestrians and pay little or no regard to traffic controls. They seem to think that road rules do not apply to cyclists. At last revenge, keep it coming.
  2. This is typical of todays policing, a quick operation that you know will net big numbers then b*gger off to do something else and forget about it. This will have no impact at all unless those cyclists start to think that every time they do it there is a chance a bobby will nab them.

    Some years ago some one worked out it was cheaper to park illegall in central London because the odds of being ticketed were so low.
  3. To be honest I don't blame cyclists in the UK using the pavements; both they and pedestrians seem to be treated as invisible on the roads.
    A remnant of the class system perhaps? and despite the Highway Code giving all road users equal priority.
    I feel much safer using two wheels here in Spain, at least the cars give you a decent clearance (recommended as not less than 1.5 metres).
    However if they are causing danger then something needs to be done; until the attitudes of some drivers can be changed.
  4. What pisses me off is the lycra wearing Cycle Nazis who ride down the middle of the road and refuse to use the cycle lanes… they should be busted for that.
  5. I know what you mean, but on the otherhand have you ever cycled in some of these so called cycle lanes, the surface is terrible and is likely to damage your bike. They are completely unsuitable for cycling in.
  6. Being a daily cyclist from Gosport to Portsmouth, I can see both sides.

    The cycle paths, aka red-painted gutters, are ignored by many motorists and buses who seem to see cyclists as a target.

    On the other hand, I have zero sympathy for those jumping the lights and disregarding the RTA - we are road users like anyone else. This includes those cyclists who prefer to use the road instead of the perfectly good cycle path on Privett Road in Gosport.

    The sensible solution would be to get cyclists off the road and build decent cycle paths, but that would cost money.

  7. Some are. but here in Pompey our local council idiots has spent gazzilions on new deluxo cycle lanes, some made by narrowing perfecty good 4 lane roads in to two lanes, all with gucchi red tarmac and lots of bollards and barriers to keep the darling safe… you see the odd granny using them, but the lycra army refuses to be, as one idiot was quoted 'I refuse to be segragated from the road we are entitled to use'
  8. There are plonkers in every community, you should see some of the car and bus drivers that have tried to kill me when I have been on my bike. Equally there are some cycle lanes that actually make cycling more difficult, and those that actually force cyclists into the way of the cars to act as 'traffic (but not cyclist) calming' systems.

  9. Tell me about it… I have a metal hip and knee courtesy of a cvnt in an XR3 who used my pushbike as a target…
  10. They're lucky to have only been hit by the Police. Being hit by a mechanical transport device would really bugger one's day up. Who would be lucky not to get a fine and points on his/her licence, though?
  11. In many EU countries the driver of a vehicle which is driven at a vulnerable road user, is then automatically held to blame.
    Such a thing introduced into the UK would IMHO almost instantly bring about a reduction in cyclist/motorcyclist/pedestrian casualties.
    The UK Highway Code has too many opt out of responsibility clauses.

  12. And would effectively ensure pedestrians and cyclists take even less care on the roads.
  13. Wouldn't make a blind bit of difference, enforcement is so poor these days no one would even notice.
  14. Speed cameras don't detect bad driving, and we have fallen into that trap.
  15. Spot on sussex2, speed cameras are all over the flipping place, but they do not detect bad driving as you rightly say.

    Cycle lanes are next to useless and the amount of times I have almost been run into is numerous.

    Not enough people observe the Highway Code and I include all in that; I ride a pushbike, drive a car and ride a motorbike, so I get to see all the bad habits of each.

    One last thing; Why do pedestrians think it is okay to walk out in front of an oncoming car, motorbike or tredder and expect US to stop for them? ;-) then give us evils coz we toot a horn or shake a fist?
  16. The idea of this was floated a few months ago, and was treated with not a little sceptism.

    With the way some cyclists ride in London, crossing at red lights, cycling on pavement and pedestrian crossings causes some danger, and anger, to motorists and pedestrians alike.

    If a collision occurred, who is to say that the cyclist did not cause it - Is it to be the motorists fault at all times ? Not really a fair way to gauge culpability and apportion blame really is it ?

    What is to happen if a cyclist collides with a pedestrian (as I have seen from my building, and also have been the victim of a speeding cyclist on a public footpath) - should the pedestrian be automatically at fault ?

    Responsilbility must be two way, and an introduction of a law to automatically blame a motorist would be a vote loser to say the least.

    As with driving tests, a compulsory DfT / HSE sponsored cycle test must be considered, and the licensing of cycles should surely also be considered - which I believe is the case in a couple of countries on the Continent ?

    Maybe the local councils should begin to do their job of enforcing bye-laws preventing the riding of cycles on footpaths, or the enforcement of correct and safer cycling practices - the only way ahead would seem to be licensing of cycles & riders.

    And yes, before the brickbats arrive, I am a motorist, as I am also a cyclist, both of which I took tests in the handling of.
  17. I will have to grab a pic of the shortest cycle lane in the old town in the UK must be all of three feet. What a waste of money!!
  18. Instead of jumping lights they should get proper girlfriends.

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