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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by stan_the_man, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. A big thank you to the 18 stone monster cycling the state of the art road bike all the plus shades struggling along the A38 today completely oblivious to the 3 miles of traffic he was holding up Westbound towards Bodmin, traffic couldn't get out or into local busineses. I'm all for fitness but ffs a little common sense instead of the fcuk you I'm a cyclist I own the road attitude.
    If this kind of increase in the cycling fraternity on our main A roads continues I dread what to think the casualities will be over the next few years. It only gets worse when there's a gang of the feckers all trying to overtake each other.
    Please take your sport elsewhere off road maybe!!
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  2. Stan ... The answer to cyclists is fit Bull Bars!

    Trouble is over here at the moment it ain't just cyclists ... its stuffin tractors the size of an artic rig dragging 25 ton of hay at 20mph ... that coupled with the "Living Dead" driving around like nobody in the 3 mile queue building up behind them hasn't got anywhere to go ... and caravans! (Billy's has been geotagged so we know it ain't his).
  3. Should have set off earlier then.
  4. Stan, seems you studied him in great depth? Have you caught the ghay?
  5. Cyclist's are indeed the abomination of our time. Cant wait for the tourist season here in south cornwall when they clutter up the roads whilst laying in a pool of blood under a cavan.

    I dont mind people who want to cycle but please do it without riding 2 and 3 abreast on blind bends while showing me your arses laced up in lycra .
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  6. Our local cycle club thinks it's okay to clog the roads on a weekly basis by holding 'time trials' on the bendiest roads in the area.Their arrogance of these twats is unbelievable two or even three abreast, huffing and puffing along with no concern for others who actually pay to use the roads. I wait patiently until I can safely pass and then slow down to about 5mph to fuck their time trial up. Revenge can be so sweet!
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  7. They pay for the roads the same way as you do. They just don't pay emissions tax as it's a Band A vehicle. Like a Prius and certain spec vehicles such as a MiTo, Focus, DS3, Civic, A1, A3 which are, you know, cars.

    I take it you're band M judging by the hot shit emitted with your quote above?

    Still. Have to have something to get angry about now the EU furore has died down a little.
  8. Always wash your windscreen when passing cyclists.
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  9. Ah Monty, I wondered when you'd rear your head, now cyclists are mentioned. Our local kerb rocket racers are a complete pain in the arse. The thing that amuses me is the fact that it's alright for them to inconvenience you, but when they ride home after their event they think that riding on the pavement and jumping red lights is okay. Granted not all of them do it, but those that do are a piss poor advert for their club, the name of which is emblazoned across their backs. Some cyclists are great ambassadors for their hobby but sadly thousands are not and those that are killed or injured as a result of their kamikaze riding tactics deserve their fate. Unfortunately in this day and age if such a tragic event occurs the other person involved will always get the blame, guilty or not, due mainly to the blusterings of Boris the Buffoon and other such biased public figures. In my own humble view a responsible cyclist deserves respect from all other road users, but those cocky bastards that think the rules of the highway don't apply to them deserve whatever comes their way.
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  10. I wouldn't have bothered had it not been for your requirement for some education regarding emissions tax.

    As for the rest of the above: Same can be said of bikers or drivers. Some abide by the rules, some don't. I've mentioned it before bit there are cyclists and there are cunts on bikes. There are drivers and there are cunts in cars, there are bikers - you get the picture. It's RR protocol to treat an entire group with contempt based on the actions of a few though. No change here then. How unsurprising.

    'Waah bloody cyclists' = 'I'm weak of mind and can't control my emotions when I get behind the wheel of a car.' That's all it boils down to really.

    Anyway, I'm off to shave my legs, I have a road race tomorrow and they've closed the roads for us. That's really upset the nimbys. Good.
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  11. Trafficjam.jpg

    Hah, only cyclists and tractors?
  12. As a smelly motor vehicle driver, a word or six of advice if you manage to see some one fall off a push bike. Do not call an Ambulance unless you want to pay for it. If you are feeling generous get them a Taxi, its cheaper and if I didn't pay forth and fifth with in a couple of weeks the cost would double like with parking fines. I tried to get it back off the twat and got told to fcuk off. paid up and put it down to experience. the motorist pays. If I had been walking or on a bike(push) no charge.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2014
  13. Who pays for ambulances? Presumably you're not in the UK?
  14. Moan moan moan. You should think yourself lucky he was on the road!

    Get the council to put a pavement along the road. Thats where you find the gits round here!!! Perish the thought I should be able to walk on the footpath!!!!!
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  15. Ooh yes. If you are in/on a motor vehicle and they aren't you pay. Or it was in 91/2
  16. Travel insurance is your friend. Even two decades ago.
  17. Dont forget "Excess". so he did touch my car and dislocated his shoulder when he fell off. no damage to car, no claim from me, only damage to him dislocated shoulder. Police laid blame on him. Should have claimed whiplash, very unlikely due to speed involved, not a lot.
  18. Looks like you were a cheers easy foreigner payday to me. Should have travelled prepared.
  19. Should have reversed over him and finished the job, I don't think you pay for the coroners transit van!
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  20. ?? It was only 7 miles from Collingrad to home. If I had killed the twat, would I have had to pay for the Hearse?
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