Riding a bicycle has many advantages. As you do not have to register bicycles or obey any road rules, I am currently constructing a four person family bicycle which consists of two bicycles welded together with four armchairs in between. Due to the extra weight, I have added an engine and am devising a roof, doors and storage area at the back allowing us to ride in all weather conditions and take it shopping.

Sometimes when I am riding my bicycle I feel like I am the only person on the road. If I have my earphones in and the iPod turned up really loud, I cannot hear the car horns and people yelling "Get off the ******* road." Little compares to the exhilaration of listening to Queen's 'Bicycle' while riding in the centre of a lane at half the speed limit with several hundred cars banked up behind me during peak hour traffic. Riding a bicycle is also an excellent way to quickly go downhill.

Road safety is an important component and basic precaution needs to be undertaken. Once when I was riding my bicycle at great speed, I developed speed wobble and was thrown, rolling several times and sliding several metres, towards a busy intersection. I was lucky enough not to enter the flow of traffic thanks only to friction. As bicycles do not come with safety airbags, I now carry an inflatable raft and pump with me at all times. A lot of people choose not to ride a bicycle because they are too embarrassed to wear a crash helmet but by painting the helmet light brown, it can easily be disguised as a large mushroom.
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