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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by frogman007, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Right friggin Olympics made me buy a new bike and stupidly cycle 32 miles today. (Gonna hurt). Bike came with strirrups. Not keen apart from nearly falling sideways at the lights, they aren't comfy.

    So does anyone have an opinion on the click in cycle shoes? My gym/ general fizz trainers are no good for the bike. Also how high should the seat be? Should I just be able to touch the floor?

  2. Where did you buy the bike? When I bought mine, the shop I bought it from "fitted" the bike up to suit me.
    Go back and if their decent they will accommodate you.
  3. Insist on rear view mirrors, so you can watch the opposition fade into the distance!
  4. Who the **** let you on the road???
  5. This video should cover everything you need to know about fitting your bike

    How to Fit a Road Bike - YouTube

    I took the painless route and went to a shop to get my tri bike fitted.
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  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why didn't you buy a bike with a 1100cc engine fitted to it?
  7. Seat height should have knee bent at 5 degrees with pedal at lowest point. I recommend Look Keo pedals and cleats, try Spend a little while practicing unclipping at home first before you go out.

    As for shoes, specialized, look, north wave and sidi are all excellent. If you go into your local bike shop and try them on as some are funny sizes, they will help you fit your cleats correctly too, depending on your foot angle it's not as straightforward as you think and can cause knee issues if not done correctly.
  8. Got one already. The R1 is sat in the garage.
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  9. ===================================


    Plenty of Bike anerak stuff here: Amsterdam Bicycles

    ie << Locks: Its an arms race.>>


  10. Yeah good advice lads and that video was quite handy even if the bloke was a little creepy.

    Sounds good Monty. Just wanted to have a little ammo when I walked in the shop. At my size I am never gonna be the next Bradley but just want to get the most out of the bike.
  11. I personally would use the toeclips that don't require any particular shoes, but I haven't ridden much at all with the clicky shoe things. I have heard they're a lot more difficult to get used to than clips, which you get used to after about half an hour of pedalling. I am planning to get toeclips at some point in the near future (when I have a few quid, basically) because I can wear those with my trainers. You should be able to touch the floor with the tips of your toes. When you stop, say at lights, lower yourself off the saddle and onto the bar underneath and in front, then, when you start again, push yourself back into the saddle with the pedals.

    Good luck with it all.
  12. Cleats only take about 5 goes to get used to, they're nowhere near as hard as people make out, you can adjust them to make it easier if you're a bit twitchy too.
  13. Get the widest shoes in the shop...the ******* don't give even after a long while....a couple of times I came home with my feet on top of the shoes cos they were squeezing like feck.
    For the road bike I use Shimano MO76's and on the MTB, depending on what the conditions are either Shimano MT31's or use flat Shimano XC pedals.
    Is it a road or MTB you've bought?
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cleats /cages they're all well and good you just need to remember you have them on - a wee while ago, me and an artic met sideways on at the junction by Nelson Wardroom. He drifted left and I ended up being sandwiched between large lorry and metal railing, as it was happening in hideous slow-mo I tried to leap of my treader only to realise I'd got my feet in the cages still....a painful experience I won't repeat lol.
  15. [​IMG]
    After the DTS save time by pissing on the go, simples.

  16. Road mate. Tyres are thin as ****!! Feel everything
  17. Out of interest, what bike did you get?
  18. Put carbon forks on'll be easier on yer pandies. I've got a Trek Road Pilot, got an engineering oppo to make some bar end weights to try and dampen the quite well.

    Sort out a date for the LEJOG and I'll get a leave pass off the Grupenfuhrer.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just promise not to beat her up and buy her a Cheeky Vimto now and again and she'll be happy.
  20. Don't get excited nothing fancy. A Carrara from halfords around £300. I have a specialized mountain bike which i enjoy but fancied a road bike. If I get into I will spend a bit more. The rugby season starts soon so didn't want to spend a fortune for a garden ornament. Sure people will turn their noses up but Spidiver knows I am not exactly naturally sized bike man.

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