Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Irezumi, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. I'm after some assistance and clarification wrt qualifying as a cw candidate.

    Joined the mob in 1992 as an RO, completed tiffs course in 2005 and am now a poet(we) in my second draft.

    in my last draft it was fully endorsed by co on my write up to go suy at the earliest opportunity hoever i was told that i couldn't get my papers raised until completion of polc.

    Got to collingwood for pjts and was told that was horsepuckey, polc susequently cancelled for more pjts and my do trying to seek clarification as to whether i am eligible to get my papers raised.

    i feel i'm beating my head against a brick wall at the moment, if anyone can clear this up for me i would be massively grateful.

    surely i can't be the first wafare tye jr to go tiff and then have his papers raised.

    many thanks

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi Tats,

    I'm not a whiz on "in-service" Officer selection, but a few observations from the outset:

    Academically for an "in-service" commission, regardless of current trade or rank, you need 5 GCSE's A*-C (including Maths & English) to be eligible, as you will most probably be aware.

    There is usually a 3.5 year return of service required for those who have undertaken Artificer training because of the training costs & the fact the mob wants to get their pound of flesh having invested in you.

    Possibly somewhere along the way a codicil may have been written on your RORRS to the effect that this individual is considered suitable to attend AIB providing POLC/SRCC (or whatever it's called this week) was completed. A JR for example, often gets advised to complete JRCC to demonstrate their motivation- it's not in the rules, but it's often applied.

    In order to indicate your motivation to advance yourself, thus lifting the codicil, most units find they can spare an individual to attend SRCC providing the individual requests the course. If you delay taking the course for three years after being rated, then arguably your reporting officer may feel reluctant to put you forward as you have not continued to push forward for promotion to CPO, whilst awaiting AIB.

    If you think that unfair, then the only way forward is via a representation - however a word of caution:

    As you again will most likely be aware many "in-service" potential officer candidates are made to jump through hoops to get put forward to AIB. On carriers it's not uncommon for compulsory CW classes & you can rest assured that potential officers get nobbled for any "whole ship" organisational task time & time again (as do the Commissioned YO's). Those that pass through this tortuous route are normally rewarded with a stab at AIB. Those that feel they don't have to prove themselves generally are often left feeling seen off, however not as seen off as they will feel if they reach BRNC & realise the amount of extra commitment, drive & determination required.

    Good luck to you, hope it goes as you would hope for.
  3. IIRC, POLC (SRCC or SRLC, or whatever it's called this week) is a prerequisite for SUY (if you can't get a decent report from leadership course, you're probably not SUY material, I suppose).
  4. If my origina question made it sound as if i am trying to avoid POLC then i'm sorry, rest assured this is not the case.

    To rephrase, can get my cw papers raised at my point in my career if i have not yet completed POLC???

    Many thanks

  5. I believe, and I'm a Chief WE myself so not an expert on the rules, that you can have your papers raised at any time. However - having your papers raised is not the same thing as being selected or even attending the AIB. I think you will have to have done SRLC (as it's now called) before you can be selected. I know several SD WE officers and they had all done POLC prior to AIB, mind you they were all Chiefs too.

    Being a Chief isn't a pre-requisite to selection, but as Ninja says you should continue to push foward for promotion. That means doing SRLC and getting your Chiefs board out of the way. Not doing so I think sends out the wrong messages. As you're now in your second draft as a PO I'm assuming that you are either past or approaching the date of your eligibility for promotion to CPO. If you're serious about going SUY then I would suggest you need to get them done.
  6. First opportunity to sit CPO'S board is early next year, whch is exactly when i will sit it,should be able to get away to POLC soon after
  7. No, I didn't think that. My question is really for your DO. Why aren't they making time for you do SRLC ASAP? It's short and a pre-req for holding the rate, I thought. Too many HODS seem quite happy to make sure PJTs are done but don't ensure leadership courses are completed, funny old thing.
  8. Stick in there TATS! You will make it.
  9. tbh my hod and depco are bending over backwards to get me away, whilstwe are in the same situation as most ships, gapped at sr maintainer,to high a leave bill etc.

    the big stumbling block is actually getting to the point where my papers are actually raised, br divisional still seems to be written for the old tiffs hnc and not for mechs who have qualified in the last five years,

    thanks for all the feedbak though

    will push on though

  10. First of all, why are you asking on here? Being a SR and potential Officer, surely you should know where to find sources of informantion? [​IMG]

    And your DO should certainly know. Have you asked your Ships Office? [​IMG]

    All the criteria for SUY is laid down in BR 8748 Chapter 12, I would suggest you have a read of that on Monday morning. Your Ships Office should have a copy or you can get it on the Intranet.

    SRCC (to give it's correct name :thumright: ), is requirement for being selected for Dartmouth, but not for having your papers raised. Any queries that are not covered by BR 8748, you can contact your Recording Authority, through your DO.

    Hope this helps.
  11. The reason i have asked on here is because i am becoming frustrated with the length of time anything takes to achieve onboard.

    Am well acquainted with 8748 chp 12, i was only posting in case there was anyone who had found themselves in a similar situation, i think the issue is being made a lot more complicated than it actually is, however i can voice my opinion to my DO, but quoting rules and regs won't get me to far i fear.

    Many thanks

  12. What's your POWTR saying about it?

    As I said before, you do not need to have done SRCC to have your papers raised, but you do to go to Dartmouth.

    If you feel you're getting pissed about, submit a CO's Request form, to state complaint and tell him you are being hinder from having your papers raised. I am sure that will get things moving.
  13. Speaking from my time (1979-1990). I had my papers raised in 1982, after passing a fleetboard for killick. I eventually sat the AIB at a later date after much consideration (on my part). I didn't go for officer eventually (although I did pass the AIB, it just wasn't me). However the point being I was an MEM1 when the papers were raised, I was a Killick when I sat AIB, so I guess unless things have changed drastically then it can happen at any point IF you show the required qualities.
  14. RNTM 132/08. SRCC & LRCC are now renamed SRLC & LRLC respectively.
  15. Not correct. As a SUY you only need 4 GCSEs 2 of them need to be Maths and English.

    Although O/P doesnt make it clear how old he is.
  16. I should get around to reading the RNTMs. [​IMG]
  17. Is pusser leaving the corporate/management bull behind then?

    Be back to POLC soon.

    At Royal Arthur :thumright:
  18. More likely to be a new I/C who felt he had to leave his mark. But then I've always believed in a healthy level of cynicism.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    :thumright: As stated "not a whizz", but those joining are advised a minimum of 5 GCSEs to apply as a rating for Officer, if under 26.

    For some obscure reason, those over 26 only need 4 GCSE's as you correctly state.

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